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Mother’s Day is almost here, so now it’s definitely time to be considering which card to get for your Mum. Something from the garage the day before just won't do! So whether your Mum loves girly cards or something a little more contemporary, here’s my top ten favourite cards for Mother’s Day 2010.

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Snoopy Card

Snoopy Card Price: $3.49 at hallmark.com
This is a super cute card, combining a lovely sentiment with a Snoopy image and a very cheerful colour scheme! Whether your Mum loves Snoopy or not, this card is sure to put a smile on her face.


‘Mom’ Flowers Card

‘Mom’ Flowers Card Price: $3.49 at hallmark.com
Looking for something a little simpler? This is a simple yet cute card, which combines bright colours and flowers to achieve a contemporary look. It has a super cute message inside too, reading “Today’s about you. It’s about sitting back and letting everyone else make you feel good. So do just that, Mom. And when you do, know deep down how very much your loved. Happy Mothers Day.”


You’re 100% Amazing Card

You’re 100% Amazing Card Price: $3.49 at hallmark.com
This is a more modern take on Mother’s Day cards, and is the one my friend’s little brother always chooses! The funny message is combined with a heartfelt thank you, so your Mum is sure to feel happy and loved. You can even personalize the front, so that it says your Mum’s name!


You Put up with This...

You Put up with This... Price: $3.49 at hallmark.com
This is the winner of the Hallmark card competition, and I can see why! Featuring a black and white image of a cute but stroppy girl, it’s a funny and cute card which is very unique, and sure to make your Mum smile!


Yellow Rose Sentimental Card

Yellow Rose Sentimental Card Price: $3.49 at hallmark.com
Looking for something a little more sentimental for your Mum? This card features a gorgeous yellow rose image, and some very heartfelt sentiments. It’s perfect for anyone who really wants to tell their Mum how much they mean to them.


Mummy’s Underwear

Mummy’s Underwear Price: $3.49 at hallmark.com
This card is sure to make your Mum laugh! The image shows a black and white girl wearing ‘Mummy’ underwear on her head, and the inside reads “Who said Mummy’s underwear wasn’t fashionable?” The message can be edited, though, if you want to add something a little more sentimental. It’s the perfect mix of cute, funny and heartfelt.


Gardening Card

Gardening Card Price: $3.49 at hallmark.com
If your Mum loves gardening, this cheerful card is perfect for both showing her how much she means to you, and reminding her that Spring is coming! I love the cheerful colours. You can even personalize the card and message so that it features your Mum's name, and you can change the message to fit exactly what you want it to say.


Puppy Card

Puppy Card Price: $5.22 at designsbyelle.co.uk
This is a super cute card, featuring a decoupage puppy holding an envelope. It’s handmade, and can be personalized to include your Mum’s name and any message that you want to add. I love handmade cards, and your Mum will feel a million dollars when she receives this... no one could see this cute puppy without smiling!


Hugs and Kisses Card

Hugs and Kisses Card Price: $5.22 at designsbyelle.co.uk
This bespoke card features a Forever Friends decoupage image of a bear holding a heart, and the message ‘Hugs and Kisses’ written on a heart background. This is the card I’ve bought for my Mum, it’s just so cute! You can personalize the inside to give any message, or add your Mum’s name or nickname to the outside, too... I love it!


Origami Butterflies Card

Origami Butterflies Card Price: $10.47 at clintoncards.co.uk
This is a very cute card, featuring butterflies and flowers in black and white. The inside message reads “Wishing you all the things that make you feel special.” It’s adorable! This card is slightly more expensive, as Clinton Cards like to maintain a luxurious feel to their brand, but the pattern is so cute that it’s worth the extra cost!

If you haven’t bought your card yet, snap up one of the cards above! Having it ready in advance will help you to avoid the last minute stress of buying a card, and will ensure you have something much cuter then the variety you can pick up from the local supermarket or garage! Have you found a super cute card for Mother’s Day? Please share it with me!

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