7 Ways to Feel Happy Right Now ...


7 Ways to Feel Happy Right Now ...
7 Ways to Feel Happy Right Now ...

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go your way, or you wake up and just don’t feel happy? I’m having one today and not even making my favorite cake has cheered me up. I don’t feel sad... just not happy, and it's quite frustrating! I’ve been researching ways to make myself happy, and these are the top 7 rated ways to feel happy right now... let’s see if they work!

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Be Nice

Be Nice Scientists have shown that by doing five good deeds a week, you’ll make yourself a happier person. So, buy a present for your other half, your mum or your siblings. Buy some flowers, or make someone's favourite food. Or offer the postman a cupcake!


Buy Flowers

Buy Flowers Everyone knows flowerssmell divine, but did you know that that scent can make youfeel less stressed? Some scents affect blood chemistry, which can lower stress and make your head feel a lot clearer, which is sure to make you happy.


Friends Night

Friends Night Meeting your friends is a surefire way to feel happier. Studies show that friends make people much happier then money. You’d have to earn $76,950 extra to make up for having no friends! Watch a comedy film too, as laughing releases the happiness hormone in your brain.


Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget Photo Credit: yewenyi

Letting go of grudges is very important, and could make you happier too. Letting go of resentment can lower blood pressure and even decrease pain! One tactic is to fly a kite or plant a seed, and let the resentment go with the item. Holding a grudge doesn’t solve the situation and can harm you, so let it go.


Book a Holiday

Book a Holiday Photo Credit: angus clyne

Looking forward to something boosts happiness, and helps tofight depression, so forget last minute holidays. Book them in advance, and make sure you are always looking forward to something.



Strawberries Photo Credit: LISALUVZ {{photo frenzy}}

Strawberries contain ingredients which are proven to boost happy chemical production, but to make an even more effective mix, dip the strawberries in chocolate, which will boost your happiness and your libido. Dreamy!



Music Photo Credit: Ian Hayhurst

Music is great for improving your mood, but make sure you pick the right type! This isn’t the time for ballads, instead choose some happy pop... JLS anyone? Bouncing round the room to a happy tuneis sure to cheer you up!

Well, I can confirm that these work! I’m now feeling much happier, and after dancing round the room, I’m going to tuck in to some freshly made cake too! I’ve printed this list to put on my wall, so I can make sure I’m always feeling happy and healthy. Have you got a tip for cheering yourself up? Please share it with us!

Top Photo Credit: a.funk

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Ok. But how to be nice whit persone that annoying me?

on the brightside - nevershoutnever<3 ..

Mmm, I love strawberries. My favouirte on this list has to be friends night and a comedy movie, a sure fire way to feel happier :] Also, I find reading a good book boots my mood too. Even on a rainy day, because im not thinking about my problems, instead I'm reading about happy things and then when I put the book down I can be happy too!

Just the thought of strawberries cheers me up...strawberries dipped in chocolate...Mmmm

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