7 Ways to Deal with Anger ...


7 Ways to Deal with Anger ...
7 Ways to Deal with Anger ...

I do not believe in going to bed mad; I believe in getting revenge before bed. Just kidding. I believe in working things out and realizing that there is no reason to be angry. You will always get through things, no matter what. Below, I am going to give you 7 ways to deal with anger …

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Say Nothing

When you are angry, at first, it would be best to say nothing. The things you say could be hateful. You will end up regretting saying the things you say.


Talk It out when You’re Ready

Talk It out when You’re Ready Photo Credit: B℮n

When you are ready to talk it out, try talking it out with the one you are angry with. During this time, you should not yell at the one you are upset with. Stay calm and no pointing fingers.


Listen to Music

Listen to Music Photo Credit: sickmouthy

I also like to listen to music when I am angry. I believe music is a good way to take the anger and turn it into good mood. So, do you have any songs that you like to listen to when you are mad?


Write a Letter

Write a Letter Photo Credit: Linda Cronin away for a while

When I get upset, I write a letter that is addressed to the individual that I am angry with. By the time I am done writing or typing the letter, I have talked out my feelings with myself. I have found that what I am angry about is really not a big deal and I will get through it.



Meditate Photo Credit: edwardrodriguez

When I am angry, I like to meditate. This clears my mind and takes it where I can think rationally. After meditation, I find that I am not as angry as I was to start with.



Smile Photo Credit: ilovestrawberries (Carmi)

When you smile, you are releasing hormones in your system that will help you. Even if you have nothing to smile about, even if you are angry, try to smile. Remember, it does not cost anything to smile.


It’s Not Worth It

When I am angry, I tell myself that it is not worth it. Really, where does being angry get us? It gets the heart pumping fast, the blood boiling and the stress level up there. It’s not good for your health.

You should not let anger get the best of you. If you have an anger problem, yes, those do exist, then you should look into an anger management program. Do you think of yourself as being an angry person? Do you have any ideas on how to stop this problem?

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I am not an angry person but when I am angry God save that soul! To avoid this I just ignore the person and watch cartoon until cooled down.

v nice and realistic blog... yes i am an angry person...i have this anger problem...but now i will surely try to follow these rules..because we really don't get anything by getting angry..except regret... but please also write something like, how to make up things after having a fight or arguments with the loved ones because of your useless and stupid anger...

There is a classic method to control temper is COUNTDOWN.

thanks so much for this beneficial tips.. i recently dealt with anger and sumtimes couldn't figure it out.. i runned to being upset and regretting all the words spoken.. well,this will help me so much better.. thanks once again..

Seems you are not good at counting!;)

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