7 Ways to Deal with Insecurity ...


7 Ways to Deal with Insecurity ...
7 Ways to Deal with Insecurity ...

The feeling of insecurity can pop up in every phase of our life. Especially as a teenager! Don't you just hate it when that happens? It's difficult to accomplish anything when you have little or no self-confidence! It's no fun to feel inadequate. Here are 7 easy ways to deal with insecurity!!

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Ask yourself what is triggering the feelings of insecurity. Is it hanging around a certain person? Is there a certain task you feel that you can't do on your own? Maybe it's your self-image or issues that you had when you were a child that have never been dealt with. Get to the root of the problem! When you figure out what it is, then you can take care of the problem by counseling, self-help books, or tackling a new project with some encouraging friends to support you!


Set Goals

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Lack of direction in life can cause major insecurity. Especially during high school. As a teen, you face so many decisions, what are you going to do with your life, college, marriage, etc. You will have no self-esteem if you have no purpose in life. By regularly setting goals, you can keep on achieving things and there will be lesser time for your mind to wander. Keep in mind to start out with baby steps!


Don't Look at Others

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Develop a "so-what?" attitude. Don't compare your body, your success, your grades or your possessions with anyone that you know or a celebrity. There are a lot of things in our life that are really only minor problems that we make into mountains by obsessing over them. Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said. No one can make you feel inferior but yourself. So take control of your feelings and attitude! You are the only one who can!



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Exercising improves your mood and your self image! Plus, the best time to start being healthy is in your teens as your body matures into an adult and you start to form your life habits. Join a gym, take up a yoga class or learn how to do Pilates. By regular exercise you can boost your confidence and say goodbye to depression! What an exchange!



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Writing out your feelings can sometimes help you see things you didn't know you really thought about or felt. Record your success, your fears, your dreams and your faults. Looking back over your own thoughts can help you understand more about yourself. And it helps you to see the success you've made over the years. Journaling gives you a way to let out all those emotions and not keep them bottled up inside. Just be sure and keep a lock on it or keep it in a safe place away from little brothers or nosy roommates!


Talk to Someone

If your battle with insecurity becomes too much to bear, discuss your feelings with someone. Share your load with a close friend or a parent or a teacher. Everyone has at least one person in their life they can go to for encouragement and love. Find this someone in your life and choose a time to talk when neither of you will be distracted or bothered. If nothing else, you will feel better for having shared your emotions!


Laugh Often

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Laughter is the best medicine of all! Laughter lightens your mood and improves your immune system. Read a funny joke book or watch a comedy. You can even get on YouTube and check out hilarious videos of people being silly or stupid for your enjoyment! If all else fails you can call your best bud and tell them to make you laugh. They will know how most better than anyone!

Insecurity is an ugly thing that can grow and fester and wreak havoc on your life and your relationships if you don' do anything about it. Luckily these tips will help you out if you apply them! I know that every teen struggles with insecurity and even a lot of adults do too. The good news is, it doesn't have to go on forever! Did you get any help from my list of 7 ways to deal with insecurity?

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