8 Tips on Dealing with Workplace Bullying ...


8 Tips on Dealing with Workplace Bullying ...
8 Tips on Dealing with Workplace Bullying ...

So many have to deal with workplace bullying, even though there are laws surrounding it. It seems that every workplace has at least one bully harassing co-workers. If you are at the end of the brutal harassments, then here are 8 tips on dealing with workplace bullying

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Don’t Respond

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When they talk to you, don’t respond. Just act like you do not hear them. Ignoring them would be great. They want to get a rise out of you.


Stop Talking about It

Stop Talking about It Photo Credit: Spangles44 on and off till july 20th

When you hear a conflict or a problem in your workplace, it would be best to stop talking about it. There’s no need to tell everyone the story. I know, when you have problems in the workplace with a person, you try to express how much it’s bothering you, but sometimes the best thing to do would be to stop talking about it.


Avoid Heated Discussion

Avoid Heated Discussion Photo Credit: PumaTiger

It would be best if you avoid heated discussions. When you are emotionally charged up, talking about it is not that good of an idea. People say bad things when they’re angry.


Stay Calm

Stay Calm Photo Credit: holiday_jenny

It would be best if you stay calm. There is no need to go postal. Remain calm and continue doing your work. The bully is not your boss.


Speaking to the Boss

Speaking to the Boss Photo Credit: JKönig

Tell your boss about the situation. Explain it – in details what has been going on. If you cannot tell them in person, then write a letter or send an e-mail to get your point across.


Don’t Take Matters in Your Own Hand

Don’t Take Matters in Your Own Hand Photo Credit: danzden

You should never take the matters in your own hand, because this could get you in trouble at work, which is exactly what that bully wants. Like I said, you need to tell someone who is higher up.


One Simple Step

One Simple Step Photo Credit: purplebeats

The next time they approach you, hold your hand up and say “Stop, you are harassing me. I don’t like the tone of voice you are speaking in. The reaction would be nice, especially if you were to repeat yourself a couple of times where others heard you.


Know the Rules

Know the Rules Photo Credit: gadjoboy

In many states, there are laws against work place bullying. Let the bully know that you know those laws and tell them what will happen if they don’t stop – don’t say anything else after this.

There you have 8 tips on dealing with workplace bullying. When you’re being harassed by someone at work, this creates an environment that is no fun to work in. It makes you not want to go to work. Are you dealing with this? Do you have a story to tell?

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