7 Ways to Deal with Office Politics ...


7 Ways to Deal with Office Politics ...
7 Ways to Deal with Office Politics ...

No matter how hard we try to avoid problems in the work place or even politics at work, you will always have to face some amount of it. There are so many dire consequences to work politics that it's really important to know the 7 Ways to Deal with Office politics.

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Stay in Control

Stay in Control Photo Credit: laurentbourrelly

The golden rule is: Think before you act. Otherwise, you could end up getting fired or worse still, end up in the middle of unwanted work drama. Staying in control is the key to surviving in most work places.


Do Not Be the Guy Everyone Hates

Do Not Be the Guy Everyone Hates Photo Credit: Anthony Grimes

It's always better to be diplomatic than to be the guy who everyone hates. I'm not saying you have to put up with difficult people and let them walk all over you. But if a situation is small enough to let go, do it. There's no point creating unwanted tension and drama and becoming the guy everyone hates. Also, do not be a tattle tail. This one applies especially if you are new at a workplace. If you are unhappy about a situation for eg: a bully at work, try to handle it on your own before you complain to the boss. Every one takes time to get used to a new place and people and if you're looking to avoid politics, don't be the person who runs to the boss every time something goes wrong.


Concentrate on Your Goals

Concentrate on Your Goals Photo Credit: Tony Shi, NY-NJ

Goals are important in a work place. Do you want to be in the same old job everyday or do you want to make your way to the top? Many people want to make it to the next position in the job, but it takes determination, an outgoing mind to get to them and most of all concentration.


Never Take Things to Heart

Never Take Things to Heart Photo Credit: xdesx

As soon as you decide to allow anything to become personal, it will come to haunt you. You should always observe the situation and understand that it’s just work politics. Every one is trying to get to the top and sometimes the game can get nasty. The only way to stay sane is to let workplace politics stay at work.


Always Respect Everyone

Always Respect Everyone Photo Credit: Clara Hinton

Be safe. Respect everyone. It's the best way to not get into any kind of work trouble. When you don't give people an excuse, they will not bother with you and you will stay out of office politics.


Don’t Let the Wall down

Don’t Let the Wall down Photo Credit: Finntasia

Never mix your personal and professional lives. I'm not saying, you can't make good friends at work but it's always better to have your walls up till you know you can trust and who's better left outside that wall. This is the best way to protect yourself and stay out of drama at work.


Be Sweden!

Be Sweden! Photo Credit: Peter S. Quinn

Be Sweden. Be neutral. This is number one, because getting involved with someone else’s problems could get you in trouble too or even fired. Unfortunately, staying neutral is not always easy but try not to get too involved, especially in a bad situation that could land you into trouble. Again, sometimes the only way to deal with a situation is to stand up to it in which case, Be brave and godspeed! :)

I hope these can help you through some problems with your work politics. Believe me, you will come across some bad situations in a work place. You just need to remember how to deal with them and think things through. What work drama or work politics have you had to deal with?

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This article has so many syntactical errors that it is actually difficult to read. "They could come up with reasons to get you in trouble, but if your boss SEE’S you being nice to everyone, even when you’re taunted." Is "see" possessive? This is also an incomplete sentence. "They will be on your side to say, are you taunting them." What does that even mean? Is it supposed to say "..to say, 'Are you taunting them?'" "Soon as they were unguarded they were dead or even hurt." should be "As soon as they were unprotected they were hurt or even killed." "Cross fire is always something to avoid and even in the war. Ironic to say, but it’s very true." It's not ironic. Crossfire is commonly used in reference to gunfire. Also.. what function does the "and" have in this sentence? (There are so many more problems with this article.) This is my first time on this website, and no doubt my last, but you may want to ask a friend to edit your articles for you before you post them from now on. If I were your high school teacher I'd make you rewrite this. Also, the pictures are.. weird. (I do like the heart one; that one actually makes sense.)

Btw.. I apologize if English isn't your first language. In the case that you are still learning and improving your English (which is what your other articles sound like) I would say "Good job!" and also encourage you to keep writing! But you should probably still get an editor.


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