5 Ways to Go against the Grain...


5 Ways to Go against the Grain...
5 Ways to Go against the Grain...

Not wild in an illegal (or nasty) sort of way, though. Ever thought about planting wildflowers in your garden? They will add so much personality to your personal space. Here are tips to get you started.

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Go Spiky

Do you want to upgrade the look of your shoes in the most unique of ways? How do you feel about a shoe harness? With spikes. Check out the link if "spiky shoe harness" sound like a meaningless string of words to you.


I have always wanted to try a bit of Gothic styling but I lack the "pale skin" bit. Check out the link for some tips on going goth. This might even help you this coming Halloween.


How controversial? Take a page from Taylor Momsen's book and think of scandalous things to say. We don't guarantee that this will make you popular but it will make you unique.


Susie is a great model for dressing up in a unique way. Here she is rocking out loose and sheer pants under shorts. That's right, not tights under shorts but loose pants.

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Be Controversial! Good option.

i love the go wild idea! we recently began to plant unusual looking plants in our front porch which has made our house all the more intriguing and original.

Like them all. Punk over goth though at the moment.

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