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8 Ways to Protect Yourself from an Attacker ...

By Talynn

Times are tough and so are the people. Women especially need to be careful. We are not treated with as much respect as the women were in the days when our grandmothers were young. Sexual assault and rape are on the rise. How is a woman supposed to protect herself from an attacker? Here are some ways to start:

1 Always Lock Your Car and House Door

Always Lock Your Car and House DoorPhoto Credit: ToniVC

Never trust anyone enough to leave your doors unlocked. The opportunity is all open for a number of things to happen. Keep your keys in hand and don't unlock your vehicle until you're close enough to see around it.

2 Carry Pepper Spray

Carry Pepper SprayPhoto Credit: docfiles

When you are walking or jogging, or even shopping at the mall, it is wise to keep a can of pepper spray in your hand at all times. The size of the can is small, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

3 Learn Self Defense

Learn Self DefensePhoto Credit: USAG Brussels

Learn how to "whoop up" on a dude when they try to hurt you! This can come in handy for some domestic situations as well. Check in with your local self-defense trainer today.

4 Park under a Well-lit Area

Park under a Well-lit AreaPhoto Credit: Tushal

Always park where you have clear visibility around and under your car. There were some stories circulating not long ago warning women to check under their cars. Men were hiding under them, and when the woman would walk up to the vehicle, he would attack her legs and bring her down to the ground. So, if you must go out at night, park under a light!

5 Install a Security System in Your House

Install a Security System in Your HousePhoto Credit: JonathanBrown512

Have a security system installed in your home. They are wonderful, and call the police for you at the first possibility of a break-in. And, if you can't afford one, at least get you a guard dog!

6 Program an Emergency Number on Speed Dial

Program an Emergency Number on Speed DialPhoto Credit: splorp

Other than the police - program someone that you would need to call if something happened to you or someone else in the family and you needed help and support. This could be your mother, father, a sibling, or your best friend. Make it easy to call them in a hurry.

7 Never Give out Too Much Information

Never Give out Too Much InformationPhoto Credit: sesame ellis

If you don't know them, don't trust them. Never give out personal information like complete address, phone number, social security number or bank information to anyone you don't know, or to a company you are not sure of. If you are buying something online, go through the right channels and practice safety on there as well.

8 Travel with a Friend or Family Member

Travel with a Friend or Family MemberPhoto Credit: Siebe

When you are going out of your own comfort zone, get a friend to hitch a ride with you. Not only will you have companionship, you will also have a little more protection. Two is greater than one!

Self protection and the safety of your family can never be stressed enough. Practice common sense and these tips, and have a safe life! Do you already practice any of these tips?

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