7 Ways to Stop a Cat Fight ...

Let me make this clear from the start: I'm talking about that horrible phrase used to describe girlfights right now. There's a reason for this: I recently saw one, in which I was thankfully not involved, taking place in a restaurant parking lot. Sure, everybody gathered around and watched the trainwreck in process, but it was scarier and more disconcerting than it was entertaining. It also got me to thinking, which led me to this post about 7 ways to stop a cat fight.

1. Be Calm

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Whether you're a third party or actually involved in a potential cat fight, the best thing you can do is stay calm. That can be difficult either way. Everyone knows from watching Jerry Springer that it's hard to remain calm and uninvolved whenever there's a fight taking place. However, keeping a cool head is a much better decision than trying to spur things on further.

2. Be Reasonable

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This, too, may not always seem possible but it's always worth a shot. If there is one reasonable party involved anywhere in any kind of fight, then it can help the other people involved start calming down and trying to be reasonable as well. However, remember there's a fine line between offering reason and simply getting in the way.

3. Stay out of the Way

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This is important. Even if a fight is simply steeped in shouting, name calling, and insults, you don't want to get sucked into it. If it turns physical, you don't need to danger yourself. Look for someone more equipped to step in and handle that part.

4. Try to Mediate

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Mediating can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Don't try to butt in and don't try to offer help if you're actually just trying to be nosy. However, if your objective is to sincerely mediate the situation, use your best judgment, first, in determining whether or not it will work. From there, don't take sides, just make it clear that you're trying to understand the issue and offer help.

5. Find out What's Wrong

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That actually deserves a category all its own. Sometimes allowing the parties to vent will diffuse the fight. They simply want to air their grievances, and if they can do that to you, so much the better. Just remember, do not take sides!

6. Don't Get Too Involved

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Because it is at that point where you can get too involved, and that is not good. If you are a third party trying to make things better, remember that this is not your fight. You cannot get sucked in too deeply, because that can make the situation worse.

7. Walk Away

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As painful as it may be, for a variety of reasons, sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away. Sometimes the situation is beyond any help you can offer. Instead, just do what you can to make sure the fighting ladies stay safe, even if that means calling someone else.

I've never been in a cat fight, verbal or otherwise. I prefer airing my grievances privately, and although I may sometimes lose my temper, I don't ever let it get physical. The thought of that actually scares me a little bit. Have you or any of your girlfriends ever gotten into a fight?

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