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8 Ways a House Guest Can Be Annoying ...

By Melanie

When you have a guest, I understand that you are supposed to treat them with respect, but what do you do when that guest is annoying? What do I mean by annoying? I am going to show you 8 ways a house guest can be annoying.

8 Leaving a Mess

Leaving a mess behind continuously is annoying. They constantly leave their garbage out, track dirt in the house and heck, they don’t even flush the toilet after they use it (ew). Okay, this is annoying.

7 Not Cleaning the Dishes

This can definitely be annoying, especially if they continuously mess up a lot of dishes. Perhaps you could hide all of you dishes until they leave? Do you think they would take the hint then?


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6 Running the Phone Bill up

Oh goodness, the house guest is coming into your house and making long distance phone calls on your phone. This is no good. This is definitely an annoying house guest. What do you have to do to get them to stop? What if they over right you when you tell them to stop and they continue doing it?

5 Staying up All Night

As for me, I stay up all night as it is. However, if you are used to sleeping all night and the guests come around and keep you up with their loud noise while you are trying to sleep, then that can be annoying and even I will admit this one.

4 Leaving Shaved Hair in the Sink

Yes, when a guy goes in to shave in your bathroom, you would expect them to clean up the hair, right? Well, some guys don’t and this would be an annoying house guest. I heard of someone using the guys toothbrush to clean up the hair. They said he got the hint after he saw his hair on the toothbrush.

3 Staying on Your Computer

I use my computer for work – all the time. So, if someone were to come around and use my computer continuously, it would definitely annoy me.

2 Continuously Letting Your Dog Run Free outside

This is putting your dog in danger. I never like when someone comes around and let’s my dog run outside without a leash. Surely, this would annoy you.

1 No Respect

When a house guest comes into your home and shows you no respect, this can definitely be annoying. One way to get rid of this is to not invite them to come back for the next event. Perhaps then, they will take the hint. A little respect should always be taught. Perhaps you could sit down and have a talk with them.

Yes, those are 8 ways a house guest can be annoying. These are annoying, either way you stack it. So, what are you supposed to do about it, even after you had the talk with them?

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