7 Ways to Make Friends with the Neighbors ...


7 Ways to Make Friends with the Neighbors ...
7 Ways to Make Friends with the Neighbors ...

I think everyone can benefit from the list below of 7 ways to make friends with the neighbors. It's never easy becoming friends with a complete stranger, whether it is you who just moved to the neighborhood or the new neighbors who just arrived to your neighborhood. Hopefully you'll find something in the list that is a technique that you haven't tried yet. Good luck with your quest to make some new friends in your neighborhood!

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Invite Them over for Dinner

Unless you are a truly terrible cook, inviting the neighbors over for dinner is usually a great way to get to know one another. Food seems to make people more at ease. If you’re worried about offending the neighbors with your cooking, then maybe you pick up a few things at the deli instead.


Take Them a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are easy to make and they don’t have to be filled with a bunch of expensive items either. A jar of jam, some fancy crackers, and a bottle of sparkling grape juice are always fun. These are items that can be eaten by almost anyone, since the basket doesn’t include meat, dairy, or alcohol. If you are just meeting neighbors for the first time, then it might be wise to play it a bit safe until you know their eating habits.


Have a Cookout and Ask Them to Come over for It

Cookouts are one of the best social experiences for newcomers to engage in. Everyone can hang out in the back yard, music can set the mood, and lawn games that include multiple players are plentiful. This can also give you a chance to have more than just one set of neighbors over for the cookout. The more the merrier!


Gather Friends for a Movie Night and Invite the New Neighbors

If you are trying to make newcomers feel more welcome, then it might be nice to introduce them to some of your friends. This will give them more connections with people. Gathering together for a movie and some snack food is usually relaxing, but it might be difficult picking out a movie for the entire crowd. Again, play it safe and steer away from movies that might be considered offensive by the more conservative crowd.


Be Polite and Introduce Yourself

Make friends involves actually knowing who one another are, right? Introductions don’t have to be extensive right off the bat, but it’s nice to give some polite introductions to new neighbors. Remember that the first impression is the clincher for many people. Try not to come across as too forward, loud, or abrasive in any other manner. A polite ‘hello’ and swapping of names will lead into a longer conversation if the new neighbors feel they want to get to know you better.


Wave, Smile, and Say 'hello' when You See Them

Sometimes making friends has to be done in gradual doses. Start off by waving or smiling and saying ‘hello’ each time you see them. If you get a constant cold shoulder or an eye-roll each time, then you might not be making friends with those particular neighbors, no matter how hard you keep trying. It’s still a good idea to remain polite, even if they shun your attempts to be friendly.


Stop by and Offer Them Help with Whatever They Might Need

Noticing a new neighbor in need of assistance is a great way to make your entrance. Introductions can be made quickly and most people won’t turn down free help when they are in a bind. For instance, if you notice your neighbor struggling to shovel the sidewalk clear of the foot of snow that just fell overnight, head on over with your snow shovel and give him a hand.

These 7 ways to make friends with the neighbors are very basic and should work for most neighbor-like situations. What are some techniques you’ve used for introducing yourself to the neighbors?

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Those are very good points. I have very nice neighbors, but everyone is so busy, that we just do not get together. I have to change that this summer....hmmmmm...a cook out sounds like a good idea.

Have some barbecue and invite them over for dinner!

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