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7 Ways to Survive a Family Reunion ...

By Amber

Family reunions are a double edged sword. Sometimes you love them because you can catch up with long distance family members, but other times you despise them because all your crazy relatives are gathered in one unfortunate space! If you are looking for excuses to ditch your upcoming family event, it is your lucky day. Here are 7 ways to survive a family reunion (and no, staying home isn’t one of them!).

1 Go in with a Positive Attitude

There is no point in you going to the family reunion if you are going to be in a foul mood. Your mood will transfer to the rest of the guests and it will just stir up more drama than is necessary. Be positive and hopefully the people around you will be upbeat too.

2 Avoid a Family Feud

The best way to avoid family squabbles at the reunion is by keeping the warring parties separate. If you are the one who has a problem with a cousin or sibling, you should avoid them. If you know your aunts have been bickering lately, than you and your cousins should try to keep them separated.


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3 Bring Lots of Food

Food always makes the reunion easier. Not only does the food distract people, getting into a fight with someone about something that happened twenty years ago is much harder to do when everyone has their mouth full of food. Serving food throughout the entire day is one of the best ways to advert an argument.

4 Leave the Alcohol at Home

While food can help prevent disasters, alcohol can trigger them. The alcohol tends to loosen inhibitions and make people say and do things they never would have considered if they had not been drinking. If alcohol is being served during the reunion, try to make sure that everyone only drinks moderately. If someone does start to get tipsy, close the bar and pass around coffee. Your best bet is to make it a “dry” party.

5 Avoid Games

Games always seem like a good idea, but they can lead to disaster. By nature, people are competitive, and competing against family members seems to heighten the desire to win. Not only is there a chance that an argument will break out, but if the games are physical there is also a chance that someone could get really hurt. Instead of games, your family should try something non-competitive like going on a long hike, swimming, or a hayride.

6 Know when to Call It a Day

Do not try to extend the event. One day is normally about all the time a large family can stand to spend on each other’s company. If you do decide on a weekend long event, make it clear that people are welcome to come and go as they please.

7 Take a Deep Breath

You need to relax. When something goes wrong, just laugh it off. The more uptight and controlling people get, the more likely it is that a disaster will occur. Try to take a deep breath and have fun at the reunion. If something does go wrong, just remember that it will make for a really good story in a few years.

Surviving a family reunion is possible with a little creativity. If you are lucky, you might even enjoy yourself in the process! What are some activities you include in your family reunions to make them more fun?

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