7 Tips for Giving up Gossip ...


7 Tips for Giving up Gossip ...
7 Tips for Giving up Gossip ...

Gossips are mean, hurtful, often only half-truth and, unfortunately, a lot of fun. And gossiping… well, it’s like eating a whole chocolate bar – it’s good while it lasts and then you start feeling guilty because you know better than that. Can we give it up? Is there a pattern, a procedure or some tips for giving up gossip? Well, believe it or not, there are! So, if you’re dying to finally get rid of this habit, here are 7 tips for giving up gossip that should help you do it!

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Recognize the Emotion

Now, you’re probably wondering why am I making this the first of all seven tips for giving up gossip once and, hopefully, for all. Well, let me tell you why! Because I believe there are no such things as good gossips and bad gossips, although a lot of people tend to tell themselves good gossips exist. People you feel the need to gossip about are the ones you a) envy, b) hate or c) feel intimidated by. Now, those are some pretty bad feelings… human but, nevertheless, bad. so, next time you open your mouth to gossip, ask yourself this – What makes me feel the need to gossip? Is it hate? Envy? What?


Explore the Emotion

Okay, there are some girls I refuse to gossip about although I feel the need to. But, let’s discuss all those feelings that makes us resort to gossips. Let’s say I realize I’m about to gossip somebody I hate. That person did something bad to me and we’re not friends. Okay – now, would I really want to waste my time and nerves on somebody who doesn’t deserve it? Of course not! Moving on to envy! Now, envy is an exceptional motive for gossip, I bet we all know that. But is that person really better and, if it is, could that just be our own fault? Gossip will not make us better, just more bitter.


Fight the Emotion

Suggest an alternative conversation topic, the one that would be equally interesting but leave you feeling real pleasure instead of that strange wicked one gossiping produces. You know, the one that makes you feel the need to check your nose for warts and restrain the urge to hail the nearest broom to take you home. LOL! It’s hard but think how good it feels to finally be able to control your emotions, understand them and just be above it all.


Practice Positive Attitude

Experts often suggest compliments and, from what I’ve read, I can freely say this is one of their favorite tips for giving up gossip. So, instead of focusing on the bad things, try to find the ones you can something nice about. Experts claim this could help you avoid making enemies although I have to add its applicable only if the person in question is not already an enemy. If that’s the case… well, you certainly won’t hear me trying to find an excuse for a person who had no business stabbing me in the back and yet, did just that. I’ll rather change the subject.


Understand Others

Okay, the tips for giving up gossip I’ve given you so far are pretty logical but, now… now you’re about to face a serious challenge. You’re actually supposed to UNDERSTAND the ones who have fun talking about YOU! And again, we have two groups of people – People you’ve been bad to (Bad, bad girl! Shame on you) and people who envy you. The first ones have the right to say bad stuff and they will have that right until you finally decide to make amends. The other group… well, that should flatter you. Shouldn’t it?

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Joke about It

Okay, so next time you hear a juicy story about you, don’t try to return the favor by sharing an equally fictional one that involves a person who started the first rumor. Just laugh and make a funny, totally neutral comment or even take the full credit saying you started it because all other stories seemed so bland and if there is something you hate, that’s boredom, both real and fictional. You’ll have a lot of fun, plus nobody will want to spend time creating stories you’ll end up claiming and using as you wish.


Enjoy Other Activities

Think about this – the moments most “frenemies” gossip about you are usually the moments in which you don’t gossip at all. Why? Because you’re too busy doing other, more interesting things. You’re enjoying your life and that always ticks off a jealous soul or two. So be happy, enjoy your hobbies, time spent with friends and family, enjoy life and even enjoy work. Who needs gossip when you have tons of other news and stories to share?

What do you think about these tips for giving up gossip and gossips in general? I have to admit gossips can be a lot of fun, especially when there is nothing interesting going on. However, these tips for giving up gossip make a pretty good point although I’d never be able to do one thing – act like I don’t care. I can fake it but it always hurts me.

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It's always envy. Hating someone starts with envying that specific person

I found this very helpfull for my way to a better life, thank you so so much!

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