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Anger is one of those emotions that can be very difficult to handle. The worst thing about anger is that you lose control over how you react and often end up doing things that are detrimental to you. Managing anger may not be easy, but it sure is possible. Here are 8 tips on anger management.

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Take a Time out

This may be one of the oldest tips on anger management, but it is extremely effective. Take a time out, count to 10 or 50. This may not change anything, but it will defuse you and you will be more likely t react reasonably.


Give Yourself Some Space

Give yourself some time and space to think before you react. Get away from the person or thing that is making you angry, if you need to. This will also help you calm down enough to create a coherent response.


Do Some Physical Exercise

Getting some physical exercise is a great way to diffuse anger. It helps you get the volatile emotion out of your system. After a strenuous workout, you will find that you are spent and no longer have the energy to be angry.


Consider What You Want to Say

It is easy to shoot off the hip when you are angry. Stop yourself before you say anything and imagine yourself saying it. Is that really what you want to say? Will it achieve any positive results or will it just hurt the person you are talking to. If you wish, write down what you want to say. This will help you be more objective.


Think of Solutions, Not Problems

This is perhaps the most important of all tips on anger management. Typically, we only think of the things that have made us angry instead of thinking of the solutions to the problem we have. Thinking of the solution will help you get off the anger you are feeling.


Think in ‘I’ Instead of ‘You’

When we think of the problem we have, we always blame other people or external circumstances for making us angry. If we take responsibility of the anger we feel, it becomes easier to deal with the problem. Say ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ or ‘it’ and you will feel the difference.


Use Humor

This is one of the best tips to help you manage your anger. Humor can be extremely useful in diffusing a tense situation and avoiding feeling angry. However, avoid being sarcastic- that will only make a situation worse.


Long Term Anger Management

If you feel that you have a real issue with managing your anger, you may need to get professional help. This is an important step to take in view of your mental health and personal and professional relationships.

These 8 tips on anger management are proven to be effective. When you get angry, try any or all of these and you will find that you are managing your anger far better than ever.

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Ma and Pa should have integrated time-outs and light but meaningful butt smacks early on , instead the child inside became adult size and insurance coders call it bi-polar.we all have a chemical imbalance....anyone can have an 'I want it now' or I'll make your life hell if I dont get my way attitude. I agree with these tips, if everyone would use them we could have more control over our own behavior. Wouldn't it be grand if everyone in your circle of friends had a positive attitude? I give no apologys (you know who you are) this kind of behavior is responsible for broken lives,marriages, families, friendships, and is probably a large factor in the ongoing demise of our own nation peace

Comment for #6 . I tend to get more angry because I do the opposite, I always blame myself even if it may be clear that other people may be the main problem . But other than that this is very helpful !

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