8 Ways to Calm down Quickly ...


8 Ways to Calm down Quickly ...
8 Ways to Calm down Quickly ...

You know, sometimes we get really mad and it can be over the littlest things. Instead of getting all worked up and holding grudges over something so little, find a way to calm down. When you calm down, you will really be able to think about things with a clear mind. I am going to give you 8 ways to calm down quickly…

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Think Happy Thoughts

Whenever I need to calm down I like to think happy thoughts. If this works for me, then I am sure it will work for you. So, what is it that makes it be. If you have to, think about a future vacation that you will enjoy. Think about how fun it's going to be and all of the excitement you're going to have. Whatever you do, be sure to think of something that will be fun for you.


Take a Walk outside

Whenever I need to come down, besides thinking happy thoughts, I take a walk outside. Going outside and get some nice fresh air and the bright sunshine always.


Play with Your Pets

Another thing I like to do that really helps in condom use for my pets, which I have quite a few of them. I have two dogs, a savanna monitor, a Quaker., two bearded dragons, a hamster, and a Russian tortoise.


Play with Your Kids

Another funding to do when you're upset and need to calm down quickly would be to play with your kids. Kids always bring a lot of fun and excitement and besides they benefit from it too.


Talk It out

When all else fails, perhaps you should just talk it out. I have this little thing where I never want to go to bed mad at the other person, because really you never know if you're going to see him the next day. I never like to end a conversation that way, so I'm the type of person that has to talk it out. Of course, sometimes, you may have to just walk away for a short while and then go back and talk about things.


Write It out

Do you know something that I really like to do? When I am upset I just can't seem to get over I like to write it out. Writing out my feelings and emotions helps me to analyze my thoughts and helps me get a closer look at what I'm going through. In the end, I end up being calm because I got everything I felt out.


Ask Yourself “Why Should This Bother Me”

You know, sometimes we let the littlest things bother us. Even I do it from time to time. This is when we need to stop, put everything down and ask ourselves why should this bother me?



When all else fails, take it out on the treadmill. You don't have a treadmill, and they go outside and do some jogging. I have found that exercise is the one thing that helps out when other things do not help him.

Those were my 8 ways to calm down quickly. I know that some people are different and may have different ways that they calm themselves down. Would you mind sharing those ways with me?

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I think asking yourself Why Should This Bother Me is a great idea. I am going to try this out.

Walking and soft music help me.

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