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Everyone has bad days, those days when it seems like everything that can go wrong does – usually twice. The good news is that there are tons of ways to make a bad day better, many of which may surprise you. Keep this list in mind the next time you're down in the dumps; you can use it to turn your frown upside down in no time!

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Read a Good Book

This always makes me feel better, especially if it's one of my favorites. I love to read, and when I lose myself in a fantasy world when I otherwise don't feel good, then my mood instantly changes. There are books which can show you that your life's not that bad at all, books that can put things in perspective, and books that can just help you live out a dream. Either way, reading is a great way to get past a funk.


Be Nice to Somebody else

Have you ever noticed how doing something kind for someone else instantly picks up your mood as well? Sincere altruism can always make a bad day better, because it's always buoying to know that you've helped make someone else feel better. The smallest things will suffice here. You can even tell the girl next to you in the shampoo aisle that you like her hair.


Clear Your Mind

Sometimes clutter is what makes you feel bad. I'm not talking about clothes and shoes and books and things, I mean internal clutter. If your mind is full of warring thoughts, it can really drag you down. Try to meditate, or at least take some time out for yourself so you can clear your mind. That's a great way to make a bad day better, because you're focusing on yourself.


Get Active

Being active and getting some exercise is also helpful. You don't have to automatically run out and join the gym or anything, but try to engage in some kind of activity every day. Not only will this make you feel productive, but physically, the endorphins produced by your body will naturally make you feel better.


Complete a Hard Task

Often, you can improve your mood simply by successfully completing a difficult task. Whether it's cooking something new, making a successful souffle, putting together some bookshelves, decorating a room, or finishing a big task at work, finishing it will make you feel great about yourself. There's no such thing as a task that's too small in this regard.


Act It out

There are also times when you just have to smile through your mood. There are some studies which suggest that you can actually act out the way you'd prefer to feel. If you want to feel sad, you can mope around and act depressed. If you want to feel happy, you can encourage yourself to do that by smiling, laughing, and generally acting happy – then, soon, you really will be.


Get Help

The fact is, sometimes you need help to make a bad day better. You may need it from your spouse, your partner, your children, or your friends. The thing is, you have to tell the people you care about that you need their help. You can't always trust that they will automatically know it. Being honest can be helpful all on its own.


Take a Nap

The truth is, sometimes it is possible to sleep away your doldrums. If you're feeling down and blue, just taking some rest might be all you need. You don't have to lay out forever, just give yourself thirty minutes, maybe an hour. Rejuvenating yourself can make you feel great quite quickly.


Find a Connection

Lastly, spending time with someone you really love can also make you feel better. You can connect with one of your close friends, for example, and the two of you can share things together. Many times, just making a connection with another person is all you need to uplift your mood.

There are a number of different ways to make a bad day better. Really, it all depends on what, precisely, makes you feel better when you're down. So, how do you improve a bad day?

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Cleaning physical clutter makes my mind more clear, too... When I'm in a bad mood, everything on my floor or my desk that shouldn't be there is 100 times worse than usual.

For some reason, I feel better after reading a novel

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