10 Ways to Fix a Bad Day ...


10 Ways to Fix a Bad Day ...
10 Ways to Fix a Bad Day ...

There's no need to ever let a bad day ruin your life again, not when there are so many ways to fix a bad day! With these quick, amazing fixes, you will be back in a seriously happy mood ASAP. Sometimes us girls just need a little bit of pampering and spoiling! And who better to do it than ourselves, right? After all, we know what we like the best! So use one of my 10 ways to fix a bad day and get yourself back on the right track to turn that frown upside-down! Not only will you feel better, but so will everyone around you! So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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Put on Your Highest Heels

High heels can have the most amazing power to make a woman feel sexy, beautiful and confident. And can your day get any better than you suddenly feeling like the sexiest chic in the world? No! So go ahead and put on your tallest skyscrapers. You deserve it!


Eat However Much Ice Cream You Want

Or cookie dough, or chips, or ding-dongs-whatever it is that is your comfort food and boosts your attitude. And then don't feel guilty about having your junk food and eating it too. Who cares if it's only Tuesday? Tomorrow you can take the steps to work it off!


Smile at a Stranger

Did you know a random smile to a stranger on the street is one of the most fulfilling ways to fix a bad day? Smiling takes less muscle use than frowning does, so relax and take that growl off for a while! You will feel better by making another person feel better. Sound crazy? Give it a try! You never know. They might be having a worse day than you are!


Have a Catnap

Oh what I wouldn't give to go back to all those times when I was a kid and refused to take a nap! I think as adults, we all crave naps often, don't we? But half of the time, we refuse to take them either because of lack of time or because there is something better or more important to get done. But forget that! Today you need to catch a quick snooze. You deserve it!


Get a Pedicure

Let those tired tootsies get some pampering! One of the very best and soothing ways to fix a bad day is by getting a pedicure. And you can do it yourself! Of course it's always nice to get a salon treatment, but who has the money to burn on those? Grab some lotion and a pretty nail polish and make those toesies all pretty! Bonus points if you soak em' in a tub of hot water for at least 20 minutes first!


Put on Your Fave Sweats

Now how is a girl supposed to relax properly if she's not wearing the universal lazy day uniform? That would be your favorite comfy sweats, a baggy t-shirt, socks and a messy bun. I always feel so comfortable and relaxed in my favorite sweats. Now obviously if you are at work, you can't pull this trick. But the minute you get home you can change right away and start to feel amazingly better!


Go for a Jog

My husband and I both love to workout together, and we love running or jogging. If you are not a regular runner, you should definitely look into it! Running is the absolute best exercise and it also makes you feel so good. You can work out some of that stress by running! Besides, you will be able to relax much better afterwards!


Kiss Someone

One of the best ways to fix a bad day fast is by kissing someone. Your husband, your mom, your dad, your little brother, your granny, your dog-just do it! Preferably on the cheek if they are not your significant other of course, but cheek kisses count too! And if you aren't the kissing type, settle for a hug! Either way, your brain will release feel-good chemicals and your mood will get a subtle boost!


Go for a Drive

I am a firm believer that driving is therapeutic! I always feel relaxed after driving somewhere. Make sure that you don't drive where the traffic will put you in a worse mood though! I like to drive on a highway or a back county road where the traffic is minimal with the windows down and the music up. And if you don't have a car? The riding lawn mower or a bicycle can have the same effect!


Remind Yourself Who's in Charge

The most effective way to fix a bad day is by reminding yourself who is in charge. Don't let your day be ruined because of a snooty co-worker or a rude client. Even a fight with a loved one shouldn't spoil your mood. Tell yourself that you are in charge of your attitude, then determine not to let your attitude stink! You will be amazed at the difference!

We all have bad days. And sometimes, it's ok to just let yourself have a bad day, be in a grouchy mood and not care! But it's also ok to do what you need to do to fix that bad day and turn it around! My list of ways to fix a bad day will get you pointed in the right direction. So go ahead, do one or all of them and HAVE A FABULOUS DAY! How about also letting me know how you get through those bad day blues?

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Yoga also helps, and taking a walk in nature (park or woods), reading a nice book, listening to music, watching a nice movie or tv-show, taking a shower, eating something, going to bed, reading positive articles or quotes

I also believe that meditation is a good way to calm down and not worry too much after a shitty day! It always puts me back on track!

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