10 Ways to Stop Stress ...


10 Ways to Stop Stress ...
10 Ways to Stop Stress ...

I hate stress! Once upon a time, it was just something that would occur every now and then, and pass quickly. Stress has increased with modern living though, and now it’s common to feel stress a few times a month, and more people than ever are taking medication to help them cope with it! There are ways to naturally lower your stress levels, though, and here are my top 10...

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Herbal Helpers

Price:** $8.00 at kalmsstress.com
There are many varieties of herbal destressers, but my favourite is Kalms. They contain natural ingredients such as Valerian, Hops and Gentian, which are all traditionally used for their calming qualities. They are also an excellent treatment for anxiety, restlessness and insomnia! All you have to do is take two tablets two or three times a day, and you can take two before bed to help you sleep too. They’ve always worked fantastically for me, and I carry them in my handbag!



Price: $9.00 at hollandandbarrett.com
Ginseng tablets contain Ginseng mixed with vitamins and minerals. The Ginseng plant is renowned for its revitalizing qualities, and works to prevent the brain from becoming stressed, and raises energy levels. You take one tablet a day for twelve weeks, and you’ll soon be feeling much less stressed, and less worn out, too!



Price: $30 at kerstinflorian.co.uk
A friend recently introduced me to Kerstin Florian’s Calm Mind, and I love it! It contains lavender, peppermint, star anise and cajaput oils, blended together in a divine-smelling mixture which is perfectly designed to calm your mind. This one balances emotions, soothes and comforts and promotes deep rest, which means you’ll feel as good as new once you’ve started using it. You can use it in so many different ways, too! From dabbing it onto your temples to sprinkling it onto pillows or into your bath, there’s a great way to fit it into your lifestyle. It’s fantastic!


Bach Rescue Remedy

Price:** $10 at nelsonsnaturalworld.com
Rescue Remedy is amazing. It’s a blend of five ingredients in grape alcohol, and I swear by it. Rock rose stops terror and panic, clematis helps you to focus and pay attention, star of Bethlehem cures shock, impatiens prevents irritation and impatience and cherry plum stops irrational thought and helps you to retain self-control. You can add four drops under the tongue whenever you need it, or mix four drops into a glass of water...there’s even a new spray which you spray directly on to the tongue. It’s never failed for me, and I’ve always got some for exams!


Herbal Tea

Price:** $5 at drstuarts.com
Herbal Tea is great, because you can easily drink a mug full a day and keep stress at bay! There’s also a lot of different flavours and benefits to choose from, and they are all carefully blended to taste great. Just don’t forget not to add milk... Tea’s that contain Gotu Kola promote mental clarity, camomile and liquorice calm stress, ginger is great for aiding digestion, and there are many, many other ingredients too! I love white camomile, which is perfect after a busy morning at work.


5-HTP Happy Days

Price: $15 at healthspan.co.uk
5HTP is the nickname given to an amino acid which the body produces and converts into serotonin, the chemical responsible for happiness and good moods. These capsules contain this amino acid, combined with vitamins and minerals. Taking the capsule helps to boost the amount of serotonin your brain has, which will gently lift your mood and better equip you to deal with stress, sleep better and reduce anxiety. You start by taking one capsule a day at bedtime, and can alter your dose up to three tablets a day, for three months. If you are on anti-depressants, discuss taking these with your doctor before you start your course!



Price: $20 at boots.com
Lactium is a new development in stress management, but a very successful one! Made from milk proteins mixed with vitamins, minerals and magnesium, it’s a mild formula that helps you to cope with everyday stress and strains as well as boosting your immune system and energy levels. It works by stimulating the production of GABA acids, which inhibits the stress response in the brain. You only need to take one capsule a day for the benefit, too!


St. John's Wort

Price:** $12 at healthspan.co.uk
St. John's Wort is frequently used in the diagnosis of depression and anxiety, due to its well known anti-depressant qualities. The active ingredient, hypericin, promotes natural production of serotonin, which lightens your mood. Known as the Sunshine Herb, this is a great product to have around the house! Each tablet contains 900mcg of the active ingredient, so you only need to take one a day, too.


Lemon Balm

Price: $6 at yourhealthfoodstore.co.uk
Lemon balm is a Mediterranean herb which is renowned for its soothing and revitalizing properties, which makes it great for stress-busting. These Kalms lozenges contain lemon balm, and all you have to do is suck a lozenge every time you feel stressed, just like you would a cough lozenge. They taste gorgeous, too!


Rhodiola Rose

Price: $20 at schwabepharma.co.uk
While I haven’t tried this personally, I have a lot of friends who swear by it! Not only does rhodiola rose treat stress, but it also treats the side effects of stress, including exhaustion and anxiety, in one tablet! It also promises to improve mental performance, and increase concentration, which makes it perfect for work stress. It’s a little harder to take then the others, as you have to take two tablets daily, one half an hour before breakfast and the second half an hour before lunch. Remember and you’ll feel your stress levels plummet, though!

These solutions are all quite affordable, and are very natural ways to lower your stress levels and put yourself back in that happy and health mindset. Because sometimes stress just doesn’t go away... It’s easy to get stuck it that stress/exhaustion cycle! Have you found a cure for stress? Please share it with me, I’d love to try it!

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I am diappointed to find only medicine type of things in the list as i was looking for lifestyle solutions.

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