10 Ways to Stop Stress ...

I hate stress! Once upon a time, it was just something that would occur every now and then, and pass quickly. Stress has increased with modern living though, and now itโ€™s common to feel stress a few times a month, and more people than ever are taking medication to help them cope with it! There are ways to naturally lower your stress levels, though, and here are my top 10...

1. Herbal Helpers

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There are many varieties of herbal destressers, but my favourite is Kalms. They contain natural ingredients such as Valerian, Hops and Gentian, which are all traditionally used for their calming qualities. They are also an excellent treatment for anxiety, restlessness and insomnia! All you have to do is take two tablets two or three times a day, and you can take two before bed to help you sleep too. Theyโ€™ve always worked fantastically for me, and I carry them in my handbag!

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