7 Ways to Get "Me" Time ...


7 Ways to Get "Me" Time ...
7 Ways to Get "Me" Time ...

When you lead a busy life, and have many commitments, it can be near impossible to find time for yourself. The problem is that you then get stressed, tired, and grouchy. So it really is important to have ‘me’ time, away from work, kids, home responsibilities and even your partner. It may not be easy, but hopefully these tips will help you get some of the ‘time out’ that we all need.

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Find a Class

Find a Class Photo Credit: lululemon athletica Join an evening class, and make it clear to your partner that this is non-negotiable. You are going very week, without fail, and he must be there to look after HIS kids. Whether the class is relaxation or education doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you can look forward to getting away every week.


Go for a Walk

Go for a Walk Photo Credit: .: Philipp Klinger :. Take a walk somewhere quiet, peaceful and beautiful. Switch your cellphone onto silent mode, and just enjoy the peace around you. Look at the trees, sit and relax, and just chill.



If you’re stuck at home and the weather’s too bad to go out, switch off all phones and have a relaxation session. Try meditation, yoga, listening to soft music – just switch off from all pressures and take that time out that you need.


Get Away

Get Away Photo Credit: shadowplay Go for a weekend away with your girlfriends. If you have kids …. yes, hubby can babysit. You deserve some time on your own. So clear your schedule, book that weekend, and enjoy every minute of it.


Cut Back

Cut Back Photo Credit: BigBoyDrums (https://www.MooreandCruz.com) Have you made your life revolve around your children? Are you so busy driving them to sports sessions, dance classes and play dates that there is no time or money for you to do what you want? Don’t be afraid to be ‘selfish’ – cut back on their activities so that you free up time.


Think Big

Think Big Photo Credit: Habub3 Me time can be just taking an hour to yourself, or it can be something big. Maybe you’ve always regretted not taking that gap year trip? It’s never too late, so if traveling is something that you long to do, why not look into taking some time off work and making it a reality.



Education Photo Credit: Ryan Brenizer Another big step, but one that I also count as "me" time. Maybe three years of "me" time, but don’t rule it out. If you would love to be a mature student, think about how you can make it happen. It’s never too late to study and learn, and if you want to enter a new career it would be a great thing that you could do for yourself. So, do you insist on creating "me" time for yourself? If you are always meaning to, then I hope that this will give you some great ideas, and encourage you to put yourself first for a while. It’s so important! Top Photo Credit: 3amfromkyoto

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Its really important to have me time.

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