7 Ways to Enjoy Life More ...


7 Ways to Enjoy Life More ...
7 Ways to Enjoy Life More ...

We all want to be happier and enjoy life more, but how? How do you make the most of each day, and feel happier and more relaxed? I’ve done some research, and talked to some professional therapists, and here’s their advice in 7 tips for enjoying life more every day!

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Be Grateful

Be Grateful Photo Credit: Immortal Thrill-Seeker

Even if your life is pretty unlucky right now, there’s bound to be something you can be grateful for, even if it’s something small, like the kindness of the girl at the coffee counter this morning. Take the time to appreciate the small kindnesses every day, and be sure to say thank you when someone goes the extra mile.



Sleep Photo Credit: emilycm

Getting a good night’s sleep will make you less stressed, less grumpy, more beautiful, and healthier. So try your best to get your eight hours of sleep each night, with as little interruption of your sleep pattern as possible. If you can, take a quick cat-nap during the day, too, to give you a refreshed outlook and lighter step.


Eat Well

Eat Well Photo Credit: Melanie Hillock :: click.capture

Eating well will also make you healthier and more beautiful, but it will also give you the energy to keep going all day, without feeling sluggish and slow. Eating well will also help improve your memory and other mental powers… and that would be great, wouldn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to feel smarter?



Exercise Photo Credit: vapvarun

Making a regular exercise regimen will also make you feel more energized and healthy. It’s difficult to make the new habit, but once you do, you’ll find you have more pep, longer into the day, and you’ll be more cheerful, too!



Listen Photo Credit: Pauline Darley

We can all benefit from trying to be better listeners. It’s important to listen to your friends and loved ones, but it’s also wonderful to take the time out to listen to the other sounds around you, like the wind in the trees, the birds outside, or even your own breath. It’s relaxing, and can help you see the little things you might be missing in daily stress.


Take Time out

Take Time out Photo Credit: lesbru

We all need a few minutes each day to call our own, without our laptops and cell phones and other demands. If you want to squeeze those few minutes in at work, leave your phone at your desk and go for a walk… it’s amazing how only ten minutes of quiet time can make a difference in your day!


Find a Hero

Find a Hero Photo Credit: Ecko Zanzibar

We all need someone to admire for their persistence, kindness, patience, or inner beauty, someone that inspires us to achieve just a little more. Find a hero or role model you can look up to, someone who inspires you. It doesn’t have to be anyone famous — one of my role models is my mother, who is patient, kind, and can always find the positive in any situation.

If you can’t do all of these at once, try one of these every day for a week, and see which ones work best for you! I’ve found that exercise and sleeping and being grateful have helped me be happier… have you tried any of these? Or do you have other suggestions on enjoying life more? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: lizet87-nl.

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Being the grateful one is the most influencing rule I think I have to do.. It impacts much better than the other for me.. From all ur tips above, exercise is the most rarely one I practice. But I always try to spend my time doing a qualified body exercise anywhere.

Sleeping really makes me happier.

exercise :) be happy.!

I usually like to do things that personally make me happy. My only friends live pretty far away so I figured I might as well do things that make me happy. Like baking and drawing. :)

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