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7 Tips on Controlling Your Attitude ...

By Melanie

I think that one of the biggest challenges in life is probably learning how to manage your behaviour and this blog will look at 7 tips on controlling your attitude. It is not easy to go against your own body and mind but often it has to be done, especially at work in order to maintain professionalism.

7 Enrol on an Attitude Course

Enrol on an Attitude CoursePhoto Credit: Cat Johnson

There are several course out there designed specifically to help you control your attitude. I think that sometimes people struggle by themselves to make changes but with group help they are encouraged regularly to make adjustments.

6 Keep a Diary

Keep a DiaryPhoto Credit: Traveliter

This will help you to analyse your attitude and behaviour. You may be uncertain about why you are this way, so keep a diary of the events that happen and how you feel the day has gone. Also if you feel brave enough ask others to comment on how they have viewed your attitude, as you may be shocked.

5 Consider How You Would Feel if Another Had Your Attitude

Consider How You Would Feel if Another Had Your AttitudePhoto Credit: arkworld

How would it make you feel if another person had your attitude? If you have a negative or hostile attitude, think about how you would feel if you approached someone like this. Personally I would stay away from them unless it was someone that I knew who was experiencing a bad day.

4 Why do I Behave This Way

Why do I Behave This WayPhoto Credit: iiana

Think to yourself, why do I behave this way? In my opinion often you will not be able to think of a justified answer. So analyse your own behaviour, if you can not find a reason behind it then work on adjusting your attitude. However, if you have a reason work on overcoming and dealing with it.

3 Take a Deep Breath and Count to Ten

Take a Deep Breath and Count to TenPhoto Credit: Claudecf

If you feel yourself about to explode, try to think of the first two steps, take a deep breath and count to ten. Breathing techniques are covered in many forms of exercises and meditation, such as Yoga and Tai Chi. These techniques will help you to relax and are likely to help you to improve your attitude to life.

2 Think about the Consequences of Your Attitude

Think about the Consequences of Your AttitudePhoto Credit: bytevisions

Your attitude can end up severely hurting other people and if you work you can end up in your colleagues bad books. This is never a good thing to happen because if you need a favour they will be unlikely to help. Also it does not look very professional to managers.

1 Remember That You, and Only You, Have the Power to Control Your Attitude

Remember That You, and Only You, Have the Power to Control Your AttitudePhoto Credit: Chuck Diesel

In my opinion too many people are too quick to blame others for their bad attitude. For example, they snap at someone and then apologise claiming that such and such did something to affect their attitude.

There you have 7 tips on controlling your attitude, they may not work with everyone but they are worth trying out as you may be pleasantly surprised. Remember that there are classes and group or single therapy sessions out there to help you with this, if you feel the task is too difficult for yourself.

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