7 Tips on Being More Patient ...


7 Tips on Being More Patient ...
7 Tips on Being More Patient ...

I think that the more patience a person has, the less stressful his/her life tends to be. When I was a lot younger and way before I had kids, my lack of patience often turned into extreme anger. Thankfully for not only my sake, but also for my family’s sake, I’ve learned how to become more patient over the years. Here are 7 tips on being more patient for those of you who seem to be in a regular battle with your impatience.

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Get Plenty of Sleep and Relax

Stressing your body will only cause you to lose your patience much quicker and more often. I know I become edgy when I don't get enough sleep and I'm much more likely to snap at someone who gives me an answer I don't agree with.


Put Yourself in the Other Person’s Shoes

Let's say you are in a hurry and you are standing in line behind an elderly man who can't seem to get his wallet out of his back pocket. Some people might feel the urge to roll their eyes or give a deep sigh. I try to imagine myself at that age and wonder if I will infuriate someone with my slowness. Taking time to imagine myself going through a similar struggle to the one this gentleman is currently having helps me to be a bit more patient.


Occupy Yourself with Something to Take Your Mind off the Moment

Waiting for an appointment can seem like ages. If you know you are the impatient type and are trying very hard to not reach through the little window behind the counter and demand to see your doctor, and then have something to keep you busy until your turn comes. Take along some puzzles, a book on tape, an mp3 player, or finish crocheting that scarf you started.


Think about the Consequence of Your Actions

For someone who flies off the handle at any time, this might be a very difficult tip to follow. If you are able to take just a couple of seconds to imagine what the reaction will be to your answer or what event may follow your action, you might be able to save yourself and others a lot of grief.


Take a Few Deep Breaths before You Act

I think this helps me most of all when I'm dealing with people or machinery that frustrate me. I close my eyes or look away and take a few deep breaths. My oldest son knows that when I do this it's best if he drops the subject at hand, at least for a little while.


Make a Mental Note of What Causes You to Lose Your Patience

Knowing what trips your trigger can help you to avoid instances where you might be likely to lose your patience. A good example of this is when my husband and I visit Los Angeles. He gets irritated by city drivers and finds himself swearing in no time at all. Because of his already high blood pressure and his lack of patience with inconsiderate drivers, he lets me drive in the city.


Figure out Why You Feel the Need to Hurry

You can start out by simply asking yourself, “Why am I hurrying?” Make sure that your answer makes sense and that you aren't losing your patience for no reason at all. Sometimes I become impatient for no reason at all. Once I bring this fact to my attention, I'm able to slow down and regain control over my emotions.

If you’ve already tried these 7 tips on being more patient, then maybe you could enlist a friend to help you out. Sometimes having a friend that will verbally make you more aware of your impatience is a huge help. Have you had to learn how to be more patient over the years or does patience seem to come naturally for you?

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I'm very patient but when I snap, I snap hard

This has helped me a lot, especially the taking deep breaths. My work colleagues test my patience no end!

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