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7 Important Aspects about Table Manners

By Mercy

Table manners are an important value system to have. This is not just so that you can show respect to the people you are having a meal with, but also to earn their respect for being a well mannered person. A person who lacks good table manners is not only disrespectful, but is also an eyesore. Listed here are 7 most important aspects about table manners that everyone should remember.

1 Chew with Your Mouth Closed

This is the most basic as well as one of the most important aspects about table manners. It is gross to watch someone eating with their mouth open. Show respect for the people you are eating with by ensuring that you chew with your mouth closed.

2 Don’t Talk with Your Mouth Full

This is similar to the point listed above. It is horrible to see half chewed food in someone’s mouth. If you talk to someone with food still in your mouth, you are forcing a truly disgusting sight upon them. Show some sensitivity and don’t talk with your mouth full.


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3 Always Say ‘please’ and ‘thank You’

When you need to request the people sitting around the dining table to pass you something, make sure you say ‘please’ before making the request and ‘thank you’ when you get the thing you wanted. This is common courtesy and should be observed at the dining table.

4 Don’t Reach over Someone else

If you need something on the table that is not within your reach, request the people sitting beside you to pass it to you. Do not reach over someone else to get the thing you want. They may be in the process of picking up their food or leaning over and you are likely to cause spillage or injure the person in your way.

5 Wait for Your Turn

If something is being passed around the table, wait for it to reach you as it eventually will. Do not try to get it before it reaches you. Such impatience is not to be tolerated at the dining table, no matter how fond you may be of the dish being passed or how little of it is left.

6 Don’t Eat the Last of Something without Asking if Anybody Wants It

If there is only the last piece or morsel of any item left on the table and you would like to help yourself to it, don’t forget to ask if anybody wants it. In most cases, people will politely decline and ask you to have it.

7 Thank the Host/hostess

This again is common courtesy, but also one of the important aspects about table manners. Thank your host or hostess for an excellent meal and it doesn’t matter whether you enjoyed it or not.

These are just 7 important aspects about table manners. And, most of these are the most basic aspects that have to do with common courtesy and respect for the people you are sharing a meal with.

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