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By Meream

1 on Apartment-Living

So you're a city girl living in an apartment. What you miss the most about living back home is your mom's garden. Living in an apartment building does not mean you can't have flowers! Check out the post for tips on growing window box flowers.

2 on Being a Stylish Mom

Check out the link for fabulous tips on how to be a stylish mom. You will read outfit inspirations from Katie Holmes, First Lady Michelle Obama, Gwen Stefanie, and others.

3 on Dealing with Finals

You cannot allow yourself to freak out about finals. You need to relax and learn to deal with the stress properly. For great tips, check out College Candy.

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4 on Staying Together

It is a fact that all couples will go through tough times. That's just the way life works. But you should not run away at the first signs of trouble. Read up on these tips and try to stand your ground. Together.

5 on Having Beautiful Curls

Oh how I miss my permed hair! While my hair now is too short to style with a curling iron, I will still bookmark these fab tips. I'm sure you'll find them helpful, too!

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