7 Tips on SPF ...


7 Tips on SPF ...
7 Tips on SPF ...

It's sad, but true: so many women these days are cheating themselves out of the protection they need from the sun. Why? Because they don't know enough about SPF! But all that's about to change. At least, for you! Because you are reading my article about 7 tips on SPF. You will be in the know now! If you want to know 7 tips on SPF then just keep reading! Sunscreen is an essential summer item, but before you buy and apply, you need to know these 7 tips on SPF.

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SPF Level Isn't the Only Thing That Matters

Most people think, "Oh, just go for the highest level of SPF and I'll be good". Not true. SPF isn't the only thing you need in order to be protected from the sun! Next time you go shopping for skin shaders, look for what will give you the best protection. SPF 30 that contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, or mexoryl is what will do the job, and do it well!


You Need a Lot

Did you know it takes one ounce of sunscreen to cover the entire body? That tiny little dime size drop isn't going to be much help! Make sure you put on the correct amount. And if you are trying to get a tan, remember this: SPF doesn't keep you from tanning. It keeps you from burning and from skin damage! So you can still tan with SPF on, and tan safely! Don't skimp on that SPF!


Waterproof Sunscreen Isn't

Updated labels on SPF bottles will refer to SPF as water resistant, which protects for up to 80 minutes. Even so, play it safe and reapply every hour. You don't want a burn! And when you are not in the water, you should be reapplying every 4 hours. That's a tip on SPF everybody needs to follow!


Don't Forget the Scalp

Your scalp is skin just like the rest of your body. It can burn just as easily, and usually does because of its flat exposure to the sun. And your hair can be damaged by the sun too, especially if you are in it a lot. Even if you are wearing a hat, the sun can penetrate. Your best bet? Hair sun protector! It's less greasy than lotion and it does the job well!


Don't Use Spray on

You know those spray on bottles of SPF in the store that look so cute and are super quick and easy? One word. NO! Just don't use them if you want your skin to be fully protected. The reason why is simple. When you simply spray it on your skin, you normally don't apply a thick enough coat for it to do any good. And you also don't get as much protection as you do when you actually rub sunscreen in and allow your skin to soak it all in. So ignore the spray stuff and reach for the good old-fashioned rub on kind!


SPF on Rainy Days Too

Just because the sun isn't shining doesn't mean you don't still need protection! The suns rays can still damage your skin and even burn you! That's because the harmful rays still shine through even though we can't "feel them". This is one of the BEST tips on SPF I can give you, remember to apply sunscreen even if it's rainy or cloudy outside. Your skin will reap the benefits!


Get with the Game

Statistics show that 35% of women STILL don't wear sunscreen! Please don't be in that percentage! You can have younger looking, healthier skin as a result. How about that for motivation! Just do it!

So, how do you feel about sun protection? I have to say, the smell of sunscreen always reminds me of vacation! So I have fond memories when putting it on. I hope you do too, because that will encourage you to wear it as often as you need to! Do you have any tips on SPF that you can share with us?

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you should mention that Sunscreen is for everyone, even if your a woman of color or tan easy, it's still possible to get sun cancer!

Hi Melinda :) You're right, sunscreen IS expensive, but isn't your health and well-being worth it? Sun cancer can cause damage that would be far more expensive than a few bottles of sunscreen! Hi Nuni :) You are absolutely right about that, and I wrote this article assuming that your point was understood. I wrote this article for people in general, and that includes women of color and women who tan easily!

Well I'm sorry, but it's too expensive to apply it every hour, a lot AND on rainy days :(

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