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7 Gun Safety Tips ...

By Melanie

I believe that many are being introduced to guns in this world and they do not know any gun safety tips – or they do not care about the safety tips and ignore it. There have been so many school shootings that could have been avoided if the gun was not in the kids reach – right? They blame video games and music on shootings done by kids, but I don’t think that is the correct source to blame. I believe the blame, in many cases, should be placed on the parents and the individual who did it! Instead of going any deeper into a rant, I am going to give you 7 gun safety tips …

7 Children

Even If you do not have a gun in your home, it is important to teach your children not to touch a gun – because you do not know if their friend has a gun in their home and you never know if they are going to come across one outside laying on the ground. If you feel that your children are not safe at someone’s house, then don’t allow them to go. Instead, invite their friends over to your house, where you know they will be safe under your watch.

6 Unloaded

When the firearm is not in use, it should be unloaded. You should never put a loaded firearm back inside your home and leave it that way – even if you do not have any children – accidents could happen.

5 Don’t Modify Your Gun

You should not modify or alter the gun in any way. Apart from this, it is also important that you have it serviced regularly and keep it clean. When you clean it, make sure you follow the proper cleaning rules.

4 Be Aware of Your Target and What is behind Your Target

If you are going out for some target practice, it is important that you are not only aware of your target, but what is around your target as well.

3 Lock Ammunition in a Separate Place

It is important that you store your gun in a safe place – the same goes for the ammunition. In fact, you should not store the ammunition in the same place you store the gun. You should store it in a separate place and lock it up. If you were to lock the gun and ammunition in the same place, that would make it too easy for unauthorized people to get to.

2 Always Keep Finger off the Trigger until You Are Ready to Shoot

You should never keep your finger on the trigger at all times. You should keep it off the trigger, until you are ready to shoot. If you were to keep your finger on the trigger, you could get side tracked and accidentally

1 Alcohol and Drugs

You should never use alcohol and drugs before or while shooting. This also includes over the counter medication along with prescription medication. I am sure I do not need to explain the reason behind this one.

Those are my 7 gun safety tips. You should always follow them, no matter what. So, do you have any gun stories to tell?

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