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7 Ways to Survive a Zombie Attack ...

By Aprille

I think I’ve seen enough zombie movies to make me well informed on the best way to survive an invasion by these deteriorating beings. Here are 7 ways to survive a zombie attack, just in case you think there might be one in your near future.

7 Have Plenty Essentials Stored Away

Canned goods, flashlights and batteries, an emergency radio, a first aid kit, bottled water, and anything else you will need to not only survive if you can’t make it outside, but also to keep you safe while fending off the zombies.

6 Get a Gun and Have Plenty of Ammunition for It

Oh, and it will be helpful if you actually know how to use the thing! In all the zombie movies the key seems to be to aim for the zombie’s head. They might be the walking dead, but they can’t see where they are going if you blow their heads to bits. I know, gross image, sorry.

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5 Know the Shortest Route to Key Destinations in Your Area

If you need supplies and have to go out into open spaces where zombies might be lurking, you’re going to have to spend as little time out there as possible. Make yourself a map of the most direct routes you know of to get to all the important places in town. You might even want to make it legible enough that someone else would understand it if they needed to borrow the map,

4 Stick with Friends

Unless your friends have also become zombies, hanging together in a tight group will prove more useful than fighting zombies all on your own. The larger the group, the more eyes there will be to watch out for zombies and the more weapons there will be to fight the zombies off.

3 Act like a Zombie to Blend in when Necessary

I’ve seen a couple of movies where people can pull off a pretty convincing zombie act. This tactic might help if you find yourself stuck in a throng of zombies some time. Hopefully you never get caught up in a crowd of zombies though. If you’re too convincing in your portrayal of a zombie, you might end up being axed yourself, so be careful when pretending to be a zombie.

2 Steer Clear of Windows

You’ve seen the movies: a zombie hand busts through the window pane and grabs the unsuspecting victim right inside the window. Best way to avoid this scenario is to stay away from all windows.

1 Be Able to Run Fast

Zombies aren’t known for their speed; lucky you. As long as you can outrun a zombie and not end up smacking into another one waiting up ahead, you should be good to go. When in doubt though; run.

Hopefully you’ll never need any of these 7 ways to survive a zombie attack. If you do find yourself under attack by a hoard of zombies, then I hope you are able to remember most of these tips! What do you think is the best way to survive a group of zombies?

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