7 Ways to Make a City Your New Home ...

Fitting into a new area with new faces can be intimidating as least. It's not fun being the "new kid on the block" as we say. So, what do you do? How do you fit in?

1. Get to Know Your Surroundings

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Familiarize yourself with the places around you. Take a drive, and learn where the supermarket is, where the library is, and where the best restaurants are. Just knowing where you're at, and where things are can make a difference in how you feel about a place.

2. Bring a Piece of the Old Home Place

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In the old pioneer days, it was very common for the family to take a handful of the ground from home with them as they braved the great unknown. It was their way of taking a bit of home with them. Whether you choose to actually take some of your dirt or not, there are ways to take a bit of home with you. Take something that is characteristic of your hometown - whatever it may be, and you'll always have something to remember it by.

3. Keep Pictures

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Set out familiar pictures of your family and friends everywhere. Keeping familiar faces and friends will give you a sense of security and feeling of home. You'll feel right at home!

4. Meet People

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Knowing the people of your city, and in your neighborhood will help to make you feel at home. Make new friends with your neighbors, and maybe even host a neighborhood block party to help break the ice.

5. Have Fun at Work

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Make sure to enjoy your work. Get right in there with your coworkers, and become one of them. Just remember that when doing this, make sure you don't change the person you are. Instead, bring yourself to them, and join them.

6. Pack Your Things Properly

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As weird as this point may sound, who needs the added stress of getting to you new home and unpacking broken things. This will only add to the feelings of wishing you had never moved in the first place. You will feel more at home in your new city if you unpack your belongings with smiles on your faces instead of wiping tears away because your favorite things are broken and cracked.

7. Unpack Right Away

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As stressful as moving can be, it is even harder to do with boxes stacked up to the ceiling for days, even weeks, on end. Jump in and unpack your boxes as soon as you can. This will allow you to get out and meet you new neighbors and invite them over for dinner without being embarrassed about the way your house looks.

Moving to a new city can be hard on a family. Follow these tips for a smoother transition. If I left an idea packed inside a box somewhere, why not let me know what you suggest?

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