8 Problems with Property Programmes

By Alison

Property programmes have become wildly popular in recent years in the UK. No doubt it’s no different in the US, with the schedules full of programmes about trading up or down, becoming a property developer, or buying a holiday home. While these programmes can make good entertainment, they do tend to have a number of drawbacks …

1 Anything You Can do …

One of the worst problems in my opinion, is that property programmes encourage amateur landlords. These are the type of people who think that all they have to do is remortgage their house, buy a cheap property, give it a quick makeover and then rent it out for megabucks. Because they are not professionals, they don’t approach it as a business deal.

2 Budget? What Budget?

Viewers of property programmes could be forgiven for thinking that they live in a different world from the programme makers. Actually, financially, they probably do. While many of us struggle to afford the most modest home, couples featured on TV always have about $1 million – for a second home.

3 Shock Value

Sometimes I suspect that property programmes are not about property at all, but are designed to make the people who appear on them look stupid. Invariably the couples don’t listen to the advice of the experts, who obviously know a thing or two about the business, make a mess of things, and end up spending far more than they intended.

4 Wrong Impression

And then there are programmes about moving abroad. They give the idea that finding your dream home in the sun is problem-free, and life in another country is easy. I can tell you that it is not. It takes a lot of hard work.

5 Presenters

Now here’s one of life’s burning questions. Why are most of the presenters on these programmes so amazingly smug and irritating? Is that what the production company are looking for when they audition candidates? The latter might know their subject, but do they have to be so annoying?

6 Ubiquitous

If there’s one thing that annoys me about TV, it’s that there has to be a genre that dominates the schedules at any one time. Currently it’s reality shows and celebrities dancing or skating, but before it was property shows. This means that there are hundreds of the things to be repeated – over and over again.

7 Brains

Maybe it’s down to the editing process, but most people on property programmes seem to have left their brain at home. They start off with a budget, which they promptly ignore when it comes to purchase and renovation. If they’re intending to buy a house to rent out, they don’t keep that in mind but spend a fortune decorating to their own tastes, not to suit the rental market.

8 Envy

Yes, I must admit that although I enjoy property programmes, it does make me envious that people can afford these homes and I can’t. I’d just like something modest to call my own!

Are you a fan of property shows, or do they drive you insane?

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