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Plan Your Story What Might Have Been

By Lyndsie

Of all the things you can use social networking for, changing your perspective might be the best. Plan UK is a wonderful international children’s organization which has developed a new Facebook app designed to show what your life would be like if you hadn’t been properly registered for a birth certificate. Why? Because millions of girls all over the world don’t have birth certificates, and many doors are firmly shut against them as a result of that. What would it be like to spend time in their shoes? Plan Your Story can let you experience it.

Plan UK’s “Because I Am a Girl” campaign supports the Plan Your Story app. The campaign works to put an end to the barriers and problems that currently keep an astounding 75 million girls worldwide from being able to attend school.

Plan Your Life is, in effect, an interactive story. When you sign up, the application retrieves your information from your Facebook – your likes, dislikes, education, friends, loves, and so on – and creates a story, depicting what your life would be like if you didn’t have a birth certificate.

All proceeds go to help girls of all ages be able to attend school and enrich their lives. Visit Plan UK, Plan Your Story, their Facebook, and their Twitter. See how you can help … and what your life might have been like.

So – how will you plan your story?

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