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7 Times when You Are the Prettiest ...

By Jordin

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you notice your flaws and skin misbehaviors? Well, most of us do! But the truth is, there are actually times when you are the prettiest of all! Yes, that's right. Times when you shine and stand out. So go ahead and check yourself out in the mirror and simply admire what your momma gave you at these 7 times when you are the prettiest. I promise you won't be the only one noticing!!!

1 Vegetables Are Served

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Tanning isn't the only way for you to achieve a healthy looking, sun-kissed glow. All you need to do is make sure you munch on something with bronzing benefits. Carrots and tomatoes contain carotenoids, which give your skin a nice healthy, just-pinched glow to it. And the good news is that the type of glow noshing on these good-for-you snacks will give is more attractive than the glow that the sun will give you. Now it does take a few weeks for that shine to kick in so make sure you keep this little habit up-this is definitely one time when you are the prettiest you don't want to skip out on!

2 Work out Wisdom

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Obviously, everyone already knows that exercise is good for them. Not only can it keep your ticker tocking, but there are so many other great benefits to exercise such as lower cholesterol, lower risks of certain diseases such as diabetes, and the obvious-keeping in shape! But did you also know that exercise helps boost your body image? Even if you are making slow progress, you still FEEL prettier and sexier. So hit up that gym girl! And be sure and admire your sweaty self in that mirror when you get done pounding that treadmill 'cause honey this is definitely one of those times when you are the prettiest!

3 Little Bit of Lovin'

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A little bit of smoochin' and cuddlin' up never hurt anybody. In fact, it does quite the opposite! Certain hormones are released when you are at an all time high spooning with your sweetheart that can help you perceive your body as the gorgeous creation that it actually is. So next time you get done with a passionate make-out session run to the nearest mirror and gaze deeply into your eyes. Ok, maybe you could wait until he leaves the room, but make sure you check out the lovely glow in your eyes because trust me when I say it will be there!

4 Sleep Tight

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We all crave good sleep. Seriously, who's going to miss a chance to sleep in? Not I! But here's the thing: sleep is one of the things that makes us glow from the inside out! Scope yourself out sometime around 2 p.m. the day after a good night's rest-that's eight hours or more. You just might notice a little twinkle in your eye and a little bit of shine to your skin-after all it's called beauty rest for a reason!!!

5 Brain Power

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Here's one of the times when you are the prettiest that I bet you never would have guessed: When you are working a crossword puzzle. Yep, you heard me right! Seem a bit "puzzling"? Well, turns out our brains get continuously flooded with the "feel-good" hormone dopamine when we get a clue right, making us feel more positive about everything at the moment, including appearance and body image. So keep a pocket mirror handy and whip it out once you solve that brain twister. Go ahead, you know you deserve it!

6 Party Animal

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Hanging around the people that we love to love does more for us then simply fill our calendar and make us look like social butterflies. There's actually a "beautiful" benefit to enjoying gossipy girlfriends. Halfway through dinner with your best buds, excuse yourself to run to the bathroom and check out that natural flush in your cheeks. I guarantee it will stay there as long as you rush back to the table and keep on having a ball with your girls, making you realize this is one time when you are the prettiest of them all!!!

7 Light of Day

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You know that time of day right after the sun goes down but it's still light outside? This has always, always, always been my favorite time of day and after a little research I finally know why? Turns out it's the time of day when I'm looking my prettiest! And you too, of course. That pinkish color that spreads across the sky illuminates the clouds- and your body. The lower light that you see creates shadows and contours that are very attractive, not only to you but whoever else may be witnessing them. So here's an idea, plan a little romantic walk right about that time with your man and see what happens. You'll get n extra boost just knowing he's drinking in your beauty right at one of the times when you are the prettiest!

As women, we like to be reassured that we are gorgeous, sexy creatures. And who better to reassure you of that fact than you yourself! It's true that at times you can be your worst enemy-but that's only because you are looking out for your best interest. When it all comes down to it, you are your own best friend. And the prettiest one too!!!

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