7 Times when You Are the Prettiest ...

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you notice your flaws and skin misbehaviors? Well, most of us do! But the truth is, there are actually times when you are the prettiest of all! Yes, that's right. Times when you shine and stand out. So go ahead and check yourself out in the mirror and simply admire what your momma gave you at these 7 times when you are the prettiest. I promise you won't be the only one noticing!!!

1. Vegetables Are Served

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Tanning isn't the only way for you to achieve a healthy looking, sun-kissed glow. All you need to do is make sure you munch on something with bronzing benefits. Carrots and tomatoes contain carotenoids, which give your skin a nice healthy, just-pinched glow to it. And the good news is that the type of glow noshing on these good-for-you snacks will give is more attractive than the glow that the sun will give you. Now it does take a few weeks for that shine to kick in so make sure you keep this little habit up-this is definitely one time when you are the prettiest you don't want to skip out on!

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