7 Bizarre Medical Treatments ...

History is full of weird and wacky medical treatments and practices โ€“ most of which had no basis in fact. Itโ€™s therefore no surprise that very few people in the USA in 1800 could expect to see their 40th birthday. There are many fascinating treatments so it was difficult to choose, but here are 7 of the most 7 bizarre medical treatments of all time!

1. Bloodletting

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There is evidence of doctors using bloodletting in the Medieval era and, shockingly, it was still used during the Victorian period. Before important medical advances such as the discovery of bacteria, it was thought that having too much blood in your body was bad for you. So, to remedy this problem, doctors would either cut their patient to let some blood out, or place leeches on the patientโ€™s skin. This did far more harm than good, as sometimes doctors cut too deep and the patient would bleed to death, and infection could also be a killer. A treatment that had absolutely no benefits but could kill you? Brilliant.

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