5 Reasons for under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness ...

Reasons for Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness may vary greatly, that's why it's important to find the reason that causes your under eye dark circles and puffiness in order to treat this problem effectively. Take a look at the 5 Main Reasons for Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness and see which one causes your little problem:

1. If You Have Suddenly Developed Pronounced under-eye “bags”…

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It could be a symptom of an allergic reaction or kidney infection. If other symptoms are also present, such as fever, skin rash, or difficulty breathing, consult your doctor right away. If an allergy is involved, find out what foods you are allergic to and eliminate them from your menu.

The most frequently occurred allergies are to newfangled foods, such as commercial pasteurized milk from hormone-treated cows, processed grains, fruits and veggies with residual pesticides, and other products that people had never eaten until just several generations ago.

Allergies can also be caused by commercial beauty products, such as under-eye creams or mascaras.

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