10 Tips for a Good Night Sleep ...


10 Tips for a Good Night Sleep ...
10 Tips for a Good Night Sleep ...

Tired of tossing and turning all night? Worried that your eyes are going to look like saucers again in the morning? Here are tips for a good night sleep! You’ll be glad you took a look at these when you wake up tomorrow - refreshed and relaxed!

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No Afternoon Siesta

You’re done with lunch. You’ve watched your favourite soap opera and now your bed beckons with open arms. Resist! Stay away from those long naps during the day. Let your body cry for sleep and then gift it a long night of rest.


No-no to These…

If you’re used to guzzling down pots of coffee after dinner then it’s time to stop. Also avoid drinking alcohol just before bedtime. It will affect your sleep patterns negatively. If you’re a smoker, then that could cause sleep trouble as Nicotine is a stimulant.


Exercise in the Morning

Are you sending your body the right signals? Don’t confuse your body with a great workout just before you go to bed or your system will be begging you to stay up and party all night.

Full Body Exercise Program


Turn off the Lights

You may have a bright neon billboard opposite your window with blues and pinks streaking through your room. However, try and keep the room dark so external lights don’t distract you from your beauty sleep.


What’s Your Iron Count?

An iron deficiency could cause sleep trouble. So get a check up and if there’s a problem, iron supplements can help balance out your system so it doesn’t affect your sleep.

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Get Comfortable

It helps to have a nice, warm and cosy bed with comfortable pillows. Get a mattress that suits your body well. Your room should be ventilated, quiet and not freezing cold! Keep the temperature just the way you like it.



Don’t get worked up about bedtime. Relax and listen to some music, take a warm bath, meditate, drink some herbal tea or just do some breathing exercise. Let your body wind down gradually.


Don’t Be a Pig …

Especially before you sleep. You don’t HAVE to eat all the leftovers. Just save it for tomorrow. Eat two hours before you head to bed. Let it all digest. Don’t drink your 8 glasses of water either, just before bedtime.


Some Warm Milk

This will soothe your nerves and prepare your body for rest. You can add some toast or a little cereal to your mini-meal. But don’t stay in the front of the fridge for too long! Peanuts are especially good as it encourages your brain to product serotonin.


Write down Your Worries

Sometimes worrying about tomorrow can keep you awake for hours. Write down your concerns or draw up a to-do list. It will help settle your mind.

Try out these tips for a good night sleep... And add yours

Sleep tight! :)

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When I really can't fall asleep, I'll pull out a programming book and start reading through pages and pages of diagnostic messages. It's so mind-numbing that it usually puts me right to sleep.

I'm surprised that recommending a memory foam mattress is not included in the top 10 - for me it's number 1 Did you know that memory foam was developed by NASA for the comfort of astronauts in the 1960's?

It is important to have your bedroom at a comfortable temperature as this will help you get to and stay asleep.

Are these tips only for Ladies people or Do you have something for male community..:)

I agree with all of these. Hot tea is to the body what a good book is to the soul. Another good tip is not to watch TV, use the computer, or use anything electronic before bed because it doesn't relax your brain, it stimulates it.

Goodnight Lol....

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