10 Ways to Cure Insomnia ...


10 Ways to Cure Insomnia ...
10 Ways to Cure Insomnia ...

In order to think and function better, and to boost your immune systems to fend off colds and the flu, you need to sleep. Eight hours of sleep each night is what you need and you will be surprised at the big difference it can make. If you can't sleep, below, I am going to give you 10 ways to cure insomnia.

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Limit Food, Liquids and Caffeine before Bed

Limit Food, Liquids and Caffeine before Bed I recommend you limiting any food, caffeine or liquids at least two hours before you go to bed. Before your body completely relaxes, it will need to start resting. This is definitely an easy way to go about curing insomnia.

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Check the Medications

Check the Medications If you are on any type of medications, then you should check them to see if they are disrupting your sleep. If you have insomnia, then you should speak with your doctor or your herbalist in order to find some remedies.

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Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly Is it just me or does it seem as if exercise cures everything? Exercise regularly, but make sure you do not do it too close to your bedtime. Your health affects the quality of your sleep. Some exercises that work great include walking, running, fencing or even yoga. It is important to get oxygen and move the body around. This will definitely help you cure insomnia.

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Write down Your Worries

Write down Your Worries Are you having problems sleeping at night? I like to keep a pad of paper by my bed and write by thoughts and worries down. By doing this, I will no longer have to think about them in bed. This will give me lots of time to deal with them tomorrow when I wake up. How does this sound?

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I don't need to sleep much....5 hours tops, weekends maybe 6....but the best way to sleep like a baby is to take a relaxing shower, then drink a bottle of beer and go straight to bed....it really works, cause beer is good for nerves, relaxes you without having to drinks pills

Hi. It turns out I have insomnia in some cases where I can sleep for the whole night. It's really sad when I can't get any sleep cuz I look at my family and they are sound asleep. I personally think it's emotional stress but I just don't know how to deal with it. My mom even told me that I got up one time and had a convo with her that I don't even remember... What's happening to me? It comes to a point where i start to cry in the middle of the night because I think I'm gonna die of no sleep. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor but I'm not sure if pills are the answer. Please help! I want sleep so bad.

Thanks, I've been having trouble getting to sleep (used to being up all the time). Yesterday I was tossing and turning in bed for 2 hours before finally drifting off! horrible ):

would it be too weird to say I really don't like sleeping? I only sleep because it's necessary. I usually breathe in from one nostril and breathe out from another while holding the other closed. It somewhat helps. Cold makes me falls a sleep. On worse sleeping cases I wet my hair, pat water on my arms and legs and then come to bed for the warm feeling.

Very nice post indeed. Many very useful tips. I know some people need noise to fall asleep and others have to have total silence. Sleep is extremely important for the rest of your health..I have been there before, and after numerous tests and a trip to ER, it turned out that I was suffering from sleep deprivation. Lack of restful sleep can really mess up your Circadian Rhythm.

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