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I must confess that when the hot weather comes, I find it hard to get through the day without my eyelids drooping at some point. There comes the moment when I just have to stretch out and close my eyes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as there are many benefits to taking a nap. So here’s how to justify siesta time!

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Many researchers and doctors believe that we were designed to sleep for shorter periods of time rather than in one block. This is why we often feel sleepy during the afternoon. So why fight biology – take that nap and blame it on your programming!



We’ve all heard of the power nap. Even ten or fifteen minutes can help you feel more refreshed, and boost your performance at work. So if you get the opportunity, and can find somewhere quiet and comfortable, put your feet up, set your alarm, and close your eyes.


Restless Nights

If you’ve had a poor night’s sleep, taking a nap during the day can help compensate for the lack of rest. It’s not recommended though that you sleep for too long, or if you suffer from insomnia. So best save it for those occasional bad nights, and see your doctor if you have a serious sleep problem.



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We need sleep to repair our cells and maintain the body. Naps also contribute to this repair process. So that siesta can easily be explained as necessary body maintenance, should anybody ask.


It’s Fun!

When you feel pleasantly sleepy, it’s just so lovely to lie down, close your eyes, and drift off. Then when you wake up, have a good stretch, yawn loudly, and when you’re ready, slowly get up. You’ll feel so good!



There is a reason why the siesta was invented. In hot climates, it can often be difficult to sleep at night, and you may find yourself waking a lot. So the siesta allows you to compensate for the loss of sleep. It is also a sensible reaction to the climate – it makes sense to be inactive during the hottest part of the day.



Do you defrag your computer and empty your recycle bin? Well, a nap can have the same affect on your brain. It allows information that you no longer need to be cleared out, and makes room for new knowledge. So clear that brain out!

Are you convinced of the benefits of a siesta now? It’s not just for old people and babies – most of us can benefit from a nice little doze in the afternoon!

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