8 Benefits of Meditation ...


8 Benefits of Meditation ...
8 Benefits of Meditation ...

Meditation has been practiced by people from various walks of life, religions, and beliefs. Meditation is a personal experience, involving the practitioner and his or her mind, body, and spirit. There are so many positive things to be gained from the practice of meditation. To give you an idea of what those things are, here are just eight of the numerous benefits of meditation.

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Stress Relief

Stress Relief Photo Credit: angel a2010

Stress occurs when the hypothalamus — the part of the brain that controls the body's nervous system, temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and circadian cycle — is stimulated. Studies have shown that meditation is effective in relieving stress by stimulating the other parts of the brain, giving the hypothalamus a chance to slow down and rest.


Deeper Physical Relaxation

Deeper Physical Relaxation Photo Credit: Lumatic

Meditation brings you to a deeper state of physical relaxation by slowing down your breathing and lowering oxygen consumption. Meditation also increases blood flow and slows down your heart rate. Your muscles become loose and relaxed during meditation. This deeper state of relaxation may feel similar to being asleep.


Pain Management

Pain Management Photo Credit: Jordyn Raia

People who are stressed feel pain more intensely than those who are not. With constant meditation, you become relaxed and at ease, thus reducing the amount of pain you experience.


Improves Mood and Behavior

Improves Mood and Behavior Photo Credit: eaukes

Meditation is said to increase the production of the hormone serotonin. This helps regulate mood and behavior, making you a friendlier and more forgiving person. The increase in serotonin levels may also help alleviate depression, headaches, and insomnia.



Self-awareness Photo Credit: Ioannis P. Skaltsas

You become more aware of your thoughts and feelings through the regular practice of meditation. Meditation helps open up your awareness of the "self." Instead of blaming circumstances and fate, you are now able to view and asses situations clearly. You stop being a victim of fate.



Detachment Photo Credit: manlio_k 

Meditation encourages detachment from the thoughts and feelings that form during practice. Regular practice helps you apply this detachment to the small and big irritations of life. Remember that you are not being indifferent. You are just putting things in perspective and learning what is important and insignificant to you.


Increased Focus and Concentration

Increased Focus and Concentration Photo Credit: kleine_moewe

With constant practice of meditation, you can learn to empty your mind and gain mental clarity. This state of emptiness and clarity is manifested in your daily life through an increase in focus and concentration. This will help you work and perform tasks more efficiently.


Inner Peace and Happiness

Inner Peace and Happiness Photo Credit: Jason Perry Photo

In the total freedom and stillness of your mind, you will experience joy and peace without relying on external influences. As meditation becomes a regular part of your life, you will carry the feelings of inner peace and happiness with you everyday.

The mechanisms of meditation are not completely understood. However, it is clear among practitioners that they have reaped numerous positive benefits from regular meditation. Meditation is not reserved for the religious or the occult. You can start meditation today and experience its wonders for yourself. Do you meditate? How do you benefit from it?

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