7 Foods to Avoid for a Good Night's Sleep ...


7 Foods to Avoid for a Good Night's Sleep ...
7 Foods to Avoid for a Good Night's Sleep ...

It’s two o’clock in the morning, and even though you have to be up for work in less than five hours, you just cannot fall asleep. You’re tried everything from counting sheep to a warm milk toddy, but nothing’s working. Then you remember — after dinner you had that espresso drink… is that why you can’t sleep? It could be! If you’re not sure what’s safe to eat or drink before bed, and want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, I can help! Here’s a list from my personal trainer of 7 foods to avoid for a good night’s sleep…

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Coffee Photo Credit: (Erik)

Coffee itself is loaded with caffeine, a stimulant, and most coffee drinks, like mochas and lattes, are also full of sugar. To make sure you get a good night’s sleep, avoid drinking coffee after four p.m. If you just have to have it, then at least make it decaf… which, by the way, still does actually contain caffeine!



Tea Photo Credit: Inside_man

While tea may seem like a good choice, some of it has just as much caffeine as coffee! Instead of black teas, then, choose a lightly colored green tea, or an herbal infusion. But still don’t drink it too close to bedtime, since you don’t want to try to sleep with a full bladder…



Chocolate Photo Credit: Scuzzi

I am a great fan of chocolate in almost any form, but I’ve discovered the hard way that it’s also loaded with caffeine, and in most cases, sugar, so I avoid it too before bed. While one Godiva truffle might not hurt, a whole box of them isn’t good for sleep, or for your hips! Just think of how many hours you’ll have to spend on the elliptical to burn all of those tasty little calories… and how many hours of sleep you might lose with all of that caffeine!


Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods Photo Credit: SimonWhitaker

Spicy foods may be delicious, and they might also help clear away congestion from a cold, but they’ll definitely keep you awake at night! Try to avoid them too close to bedtime… enjoy them at lunch, or for an early dinner.


High-protein Foods

High-protein Foods Photo Credit: TypeFiend

Protein takes a lot of energy to digest, and eating it too close to bedtime will keep you awake, and will make you extremely hungry when you do wake up. If you want a night-time snack, make it light, and low in protein.



Sweets Photo Credit: zalita

I have a sweet tooth, so it’s hard for me not to munch on candy or kettle corn in the evenings. Eating sweets before bed, though, might make you jazzed up on a sugar buzz, though, so beware!



Pizza! Photo Credit: ShamsD

For some reason, and I have no idea why, every time I eat pizza late at night, I have the strangest, most terrible and vivid nightmares. This does not make for restful sleep, so now I avoid pizza at night. Is it the protein in the pepperoni or the spices in the sauce? I have no idea, but I’m not going to risk it anymore…

If you avoid these foods in the evenings, you ought to be able to fall asleep, and stay asleep… there are a lot of reasons for insomnia, though, so if cutting back on these foods doesn’t help, try setting a sleep-time regimen and avoid exercise or other stimulation at night… and if THAT doesn’t work, it might be time to see your doctor! Do you know of any other foods to avoid at night? What keeps you awake if you eat it too close to bed-time? Please let me know!

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The best remedy for a hangover - it's brine from pickled cucumbers. Retrieved Russian. )

There is an old wives tale that says you'll get weird dreams if you eat cheese before you sleep.

Chocolate cant be in the list :P I love them before sleeping to have actually a goodnight sleep. But technically you are definately right.

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