8 Tips on Getting a Baby Ready for a Good Night's Sleep ...


If you want to have a baby and it's going to be your first, you need to read this blog. I want to give you some of my advice to get a baby reading for a good night sleep. Most newborns have troubles sleeping and need help staying comfortable for sleep. Please read my 8 Tips on Getting a Baby Ready For a Good Night's Sleep…

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Bath Time

Bath Time Photo Credit: itemsforsalesummer09

Bath time is the most important part to getting a baby to sleep the whole night through. They want to feel nice and clean when they hit the crib for a nights rest. A warm bath also helps them be comfortable with wearing a diaper or even get them to get tired afterwards. Older Kids that play in water at the lake or beach have good night's sleep, because it tires them out.



Lotion Photo Credit: sydneysmom05

Baby oil and lotion is a good way to get an infant to sleep and ready for bed. Lotion helps them smell clean and helps their bodies feel relaxed. You should also put some baby powder in their diaper to help them not get diaper rash.


Rocking Them

Rocking Them Photo Credit: jasfitz

A mother that comforts their infant or baby to sleep is a perfect way to get them sleeping. They also get to feel the comfort of being inside the womb and help them sleep better like they use to. This should be done once a day at night, so they can see its nighttime when it's time to be rocked to sleep.


Feed Them

Feed Them Photo Credit: mjd-s

All babies should drink warm milk before bed. This helps them have a good comfortable meal on their stomach. When they get to solid foods, you can feed them warm cereal or oatmeal before bed. Try to avoid fruits before bed. The natural sugars will keep them awake or cause stomach gas.


Night Light or Music

Night Light or Music Photo Credit: Lance McCord

When my kids were infants, we use to put a night light for the baby to sleep better. They also like hearing music or sounds of nature. You also can buy neat toys that have lights and plays music as it shines around. This will help them sleep, but make sure you get one that stays on longer then a three minutes.


Burp Them

Burp Them Photo Credit: Lizette Greco

Gas is a major problem for babies, because bottles of milk have tons of gas that is inhaled when they drink. This causes a gas bubble in the stomach and makes the infant or baby uncomfortable. You can burp them after each feeding and once before bed to make sure their isn't anymore gas.


Sing to Them

Sing to Them Photo Credit: everyday_stranger

All mothers like singing to their kids when their small, because they can get away with it and they don't get embarrassed. Of course, you won't see your husband doing it, because they would just go put some music on through their radio. Your baby will enjoy that voice and it will help them fall asleep to the sound of its mother.


Time Schedule

Time Schedule Photo Credit: TomLA

You should follow this very important part. If your kid isn't use to sleeping at the time, you will have troubles with the infant falling asleep. Try to put them to asleep at the same time every day. The routine will help you be able to get them ready for bed and have them fall asleep without any hassles.

All infants have problems sleeping at night and can have colic. These are some simple rules to follow when you want to get your kid to sleep on time and without hassles. Most kids fight sleep and some sleep like a dream. Do you follow these tips when getting your infant or baby ready for bed?

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I hope lots of moms AND grandmas read this post. Since grandparents should also try to continue same schedule with their grandchildren as their parents, to keep everyone happy. It is very helpful for parents to prepare a schedule and pass it on to the babysitter or grandparents which they need to follow while taking care of the child, to continue with the same routine. Grandparents have such a special bond with grandchildren, and following the same routine only makes it that much more pleasant for everyone.

These are wonderful tips on getting a baby to fall asleep. We do almost all of these steps at the daycare in the infant room except for the warm bath. In addition to singing to them, we also have a white noise machine that helps them sleep uninterrupted. It also helps keep outside noise from startling them awake and once one of them starts to cry you know what happens next.

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