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7 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby ...

By Melanie

A baby cries to communicate his or her needs across to the parent. For the first couple of months, parents will by trying to figure out the mystery behind every cry. What does the cry mean? What will make it stop? Below, I am going to give you 7 ways to soothe a crying baby…

7 Feed Your Baby

Feed Your BabyPhoto Credit: Micah Taylor

Of course, when the little one is crying, they may just be telling you that they are hungry. If they hold that bottle with dear life, then that is what they are asking for. However, if they continue crying even once the bottle is in their mouth, it is time to try the next tip.

6 Change the Little One's Diaper

Change the Little One's DiaperPhoto Credit: Lance McCord

Sometimes, the baby is just in need of a diaper change. Check the diaper. Is it moist? Or…smelly? If so, change the diaper and hopefully that should get your baby to stop crying.


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5 Play Music for the Baby

Play Music for the BabyPhoto Credit: - POD -

Did you know that babies like listening to music? It seems to be a favorite past time of theirs. Sometimes, all the baby needs is some relaxing tracks to calm their nerves.

4 Burp the Baby

Burp the BabyPhoto Credit: fendyzaidan

Hold the baby up on your shoulder as you gently pat his or her back to burp them. Warning: make sure you have a burp cloth on your shoulder or you may have to change clothes.

3 Wrap the Baby up

Wrap the Baby upPhoto Credit: Nikki McLeod

When you wrap the baby up like a burrito (leaving the face uncovered), they feel comfortable. I call this swaddling the baby. My little one enjoyed being swaddled up in a blanket. But if they keep crying after being swaddled, changed, played music to, fed and burped, then it is time to move on to the next tip.

2 Talk to the Baby Soothingly

Talk to the Baby SoothinglyPhoto Credit: Adri'

Sometimes, the baby just wants to hear your voice. When my little one cried, talking to her worked many times. Your voice is very calming to the baby.

1 Take the Baby outside

Take the Baby outsidePhoto Credit: SuhelSheikh

When the baby is crying and you can’t seem to get them to calm down, then try taking them outside. There are a lot of fun things to look at outdoors. Make sure you protect them from the sun though, because they are still sensitive to the elements.

Those are 7 ways to soothe a crying baby. There are still many other ways, such as holding them, singing to them, putting them in a rocker, going for a car ride, giving them a relaxing bath, and so on. What do you do to soothe your little one?

Top Photo Credit: TheGiantVermin

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