7 Ways to Tell You're Ready to Have Children ...

I believe that children are your legacy, your immortality, what you leave behind in the world to make your mark. And while as a parent, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, the one I regret the most is having my oldest daughter years before I was ready. I was just so young, far too young to know what a good mother is. I did my best, and today my daughter is the most amazing person… but I ought to have waited until I was ready. But how do you know when you’re ready? What are the signs you should look for, the questions you should ask yourself? Here are 7 ways to tell you’re ready to have children.

1. You’re Financially Stable

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Let’s face it. Kids are expensive. They require a lot of money to raise, and I’m not just talking GameBoys and designer wardrobes. I mean from the get-go, like diapers, onesies, and doctor visits. Before you have children, take a long hard look at your financial situation. Can you afford to raise a child? And do NOT consider the income or support of a father — can you do it on your own? If not, then wait until you can… or at least until you’re pretty sure you can at least handle the basics on your own.

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