7 Ways to Learn More about Your Newborn ...


7 Ways to Learn More about Your Newborn ...
7 Ways to Learn More about Your Newborn ...

Motherhood is at the top of my list of the World’s Greatest Achievements. You survived the pregnancy, lived through labor and delivery and have been rewarded with this screaming bundle of joy. What do you do now? How will ever learn all you need to know? Below are some tips about getting to know your newborn right from the beginning. I hope you enjoy them!

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Feeding Time

Feeding Time Photo Credit: Aaron Landry

The only thing a newborn cares about is food. How do you know if this little eating, sleeping, pooping machine is getting enough food? Don’t worry. He will let you know! Does he wet his diaper at least every two hours? Then he is good to go. And just as he has settled into a routine, don’t be alarmed when he seem fussy all the time and hungry to boot. This is normal. At ages 2, 6, and 12 weeks, all babies go through growing spurts. It’s natural, so simply adjust the amount of milk.


Sleep Time

Sleep Time Photo Credit: Heidi Hope

While food is the most important thing for your baby, sleep is the most important thing for you! It’s probably your number one concern. It is important to establish a sleeping routine with your little one. Don’t associate sleeping with eating. When your baby wakes at night, begin to learn why she is waking. Is she hot, cold, dreaming, or really hungry? Don’t plop a bottle in her mouth the minute she wakes. Try soothing her first. If she doesn’t settle down, go for the milk!


The Pacifier

The Pacifier Photo Credit: sesame ellis

A huge debate among all mommies’ belongs to the use of a pacifier! To use, or not to use, that is the question. Here is what I did with everyone of my children: If they like a binky, then I let them have one. Three of my children refused to even try one. YEAH! The other three couldn’t live without one. Remember, it is important to break the paci from use as early as possible. Don’t expect your baby to wake up one day and decide they do not want it any more. A pacifier is soothing to many babies and I say if that gives you a little peace and quiet and rest for a few hours, there is no harm in using a paci.


Sleep Arrangements

Sleep Arrangements Photo Credit: shutterblog

Does your newborn sleep with you, or in the same room as you do. As much as I do not like to admit, it is best if they have their own room and their own bed. Babies make lots of noises, from sniffles, grunts, and groans, to yawns, sighs, and tongue smacking. These noises may keep you awake, and even cause an unnecessary disturbance to the baby. If you rush to his side at every noise, it will cause automatic wake up when in reality the little angel just stretched and you woke him at when you picked him up, for no reason!


Solid Food Choices

Solid Food Choices Photo Credit: shutterblog

Don’t be fooled by the advice to feed your baby solid food to help her sleep through the night. It doesn’t work. And it may cause problems, such as food allergies and digestion problems. Listen to your pediatrician, and not Aunt Sally who promised all her babies were eating cereal the night she brought them home. Babies need milk, and nothing more until they reach the age of 4 to 6 months.



Baths Photo Credit: BethJansen

A clean baby makes a happy baby, especially if you live in an area where it is extremely hot. Heat rash and diaper rash is more common in hotter climates. Be sure and wait until your babies cord ha fallen completely off before emerging him in bath water. Until that time, sponge bath him, dry him well, and use powder in all the little creases. Be sure and apply powder away from your baby’s face.


Play Time

Play Time Photo Credit: Heidi Hope

A newborn isn’t a baby doll that never needs attention or interaction. Babies can focus on images about 8 or 10 inches from their faces. Within a very short time, she can recognize the face of her mother and her father. She prefers faces to objects and came copycat facial expressions. It won’t be long before she will smile when you smile at her. And that is a precious moment you will remember the rest of your life.

A newborn may cause anxiety and fear for a new mother. It definitely makes for uncertain questions and reasons for concern. Relax and enjoy this time! It passes before you have a chance to realize they are all grown up. Which tip helped you the most?

Top Photo Credit: ladyloneranger

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Hey! This is great advice! I'm a midwife so a lot of this is very similar to the advice I give to my clients. The only thing I would say is that it is perfectly fine to give a baby a bath before their cord has fallen off. In fact it can be very soothing to a baby! It doesn't cause infection, like many people fear. :)

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