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8 Ways to Cope with an Unplanned Pregnancy ...

By Melanie

Okay, so here you are, reading 8 ways to cope with an unplanned pregnancy. If you have read my blogs in the past on sex and left mean comments, then shame on you. If you have come here to post mean comments and to go against me, then don't bother. I am here to help those who need 8 ways to cope with an unplanned pregnancy. I am here to tell those who need to cope with an unplanned pregnancy that it will be alright, you just have some decisions to make. I told you that when you have sex, you need to prepare yourself for some things, such as a baby. Sex CAN lead to having a baby as it's the only thing that makes a baby, so when you find out the news that you are pregnant, I don't see why it is a big shocker. What is done is done and we should not live our life full of regrets, so let's learn some ways to cope with an unplanned pregnancy.

8 Talk to Someone

Talk to SomeonePhoto Credit: aliceswndrland

Sometimes, the best thing to do when you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy would be to talk to someone. I believe talking problems out is the best way to go. This is definitely not feelings that you can keep bottled up inside of you.

7 Know That It is Okay to Cry and Show Emotions

Know That It is Okay to Cry and Show EmotionsPhoto Credit: goenetix (...)

Again, emotions is not something that you should keep bottled inside. You should know that it is okay to cry and let emotions show. This does not mean that you are a bad person.

6 Look Online for an Adoption Agency

Look Online for an Adoption AgencyPhoto Credit: slayerphoto

There are many adoption agencies out there. If you feel that you cannot take care of the child and abortion is out of the question, then you should look for adoption agencies. Make sure you think about this and you need to be completely sure that you want to give the baby up for adoption.

5 Talk to the Father

Talk to the FatherPhoto Credit: Pixmac-com

When dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, you should always talk to the father. It takes two to tango and you are not in this alone. The baby does have a father, so let the father know and see what he says about the whole situation. Some of you may be surprised!

4 Your Three Options

Your Three OptionsPhoto Credit: Rosa Yañez

You should think about your three options are abortion, adoption and keeping the child. Imagine your life with each one of these options. Don't just think about it now, but think about how it is going to hurt you down the road. Do you think you would be happy with abortion? What about adoption? If these two are not the answer, then keeping the baby would be. Just make sure you are able to care for the baby and give him/her the love they need.

3 Talk to a Counselor

Talk to a CounselorPhoto Credit: courthouselover

There are counselors out there that you can talk to. The counselor is not going to judge you, they are there to help you think clearly.

2 Is Your Friends and Family Not Supportive?

Is Your Friends and Family Not Supportive?Photo Credit: Sarah Wheeler

If your friends and family are not supportive over your pregnancy, then that is okay. They should realize that it is not their life. It is not their pregnancy. Do not let this bother you.

1 Do Not Make Threats to Your Partner

Do Not Make Threats to Your PartnerPhoto Credit: Extra Medium

Just because you do not want to be pregnant does not mean that you need to start making threats to your partner. I never understood why when some girls get pregnant unexpectedly, then go and blame the guy for it when it is also her fault, unless, of course, it was rape.

Those are 8 ways to cope with an unplanned pregnancy. I am sorry if I made some of you mad in the beginning, but there are some girls who have been disrespectful on the blog when it comes to teenage sex. It's not like I pinpointed the individual out or anything. I just do not see how you could have sex and not think beforehand, when you know that having sex could create a baby. However, if you have had sex with protection, then the pregnancy may be a heart stopper and I fully understand. So, did these tips help you? If you need someone to talk to and feel that you are alone in the world, then I can anonymously talk to you, I'm not going to judge me as long as you don't judge me.

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