8 Unique Names for Your Baby ...


8 Unique Names for Your Baby ...
8 Unique Names for Your Baby ...

It can be a tough decision trying to find the right name for your baby? Do you go trendy? Traditional? Hippie? Unique? And just how unique is too unique? Here are a few of my favorite "unique but not too unique" names for this year.

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Trendon Photo Credit: cityflickr

I love this name for a boy. It's manly but yet businesslike. And it's not a name that your boy would get made fun of such as, Helbert, for instance!



Cole Photo Credit: usmanister_01

This is a strong, solid name for your boy. It means, of a triumphant people; young boy. I love the simple, clean feel of the name Cole.



Hayden Photo Credit: Lucy {Lucy Jane Photography}

Hayden is a sweet name for a baby boy, it's sensitive yet boyishly charming. It's a name that will steal the girls hearts in high school!!



Dominic Photo Credit: Djanvk

A very tough name for a tough guy. Maybe one that would go out for sports. I can just picture a big football player or an champion swimmer bearing this name!



Ava Photo Credit: Matt Roy Photography

This name makes me think of a sweet, tender young girl with a heart of gold. Such a light name, easy to say and easy to love!



Jocelyn Photo Credit: Petit Léo

Jocelyn means playful. This is a cute name, reminds me of a mischievous little pixie fairy!!



Sabrina Photo Credit: a.mainetti

Sabrina means legendary princess. I love the breezy, feminine feel of this name when you say it!



Lila Photo Credit: usmanister_01

Meaning "from the island" I could just picture a beautiful girl bearing this name. She would be thoughtful, kind and touch your heart with her words and deeds.

Picking a name for your baby is a privilege but not one to be taken lightly. Study the meaning of a name before you make a final decision. Make it unique and something the both of you can live with for the rest of your lives. Which of these names do you like best?

Top Photo Credit: gothormr

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The unit when we learned about fossil fuels was a nightmare for him

I love Hayden and Lila. In fact i'm pregnant with twins and mw and my boyfriend have not decided on a name for our twins (1 boy and 1 girl). I love these names so much i might just named my twins that. Thank you so much AirForce Bride. :)

I love Ava and Hayden as name and... OMG THE BABY IN THE FIRST PICTURE IS SO CUTEE~~~ <33 *cough*

I have a great friend named Cole.

oooh love the name trendon

Somehow Trendon just doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely as the others so. I knew a man named Trevor and the worst thing that ever happened to him was the Harry Potter books LMAO. Ok not nice, but it is rather unfortunately humourous. I've always liked the name Aiden for a boy, and my own little cousin is named Cole! :D

Lila also means "Playful" in Sanskrit related languages.

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