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8 Inspirational Sayings ...

By Alison

I love inspirational sayings. Im not referring to those cheesy little books full of twee homespun wisdom, but lines that make you think. I’ve picked out some of my favourites from a Spanish book I own, and have translated them for you.

1 In Order to Be Loved, You Must Give Love

It´s often said that you must love yourself before you are capable of loving others. That may be true, but what I like about this saying is that it looks at things from the other side. Love is a two-way street; we must give, in order to receive.

2 The Start of Something New Always Brings You the Hope of Something Great

So often we are afraid of change, and yet life brings many endings. A relationship breaks up, a job offer means moving away from friends and family, and we become stressed, depressed and uncertain. The trick is to see the opportunities; maybe the relationship stifled you, and now you can do what you want, or the new job means a great career move.

3 Watch Cats, They Are Capable of Sitting Looking for Ages; They Feel Neither Stress nor Panic

I had to get a cat quote in there, didn´t I! Now, this saying may not be strictly true (Ive met a few neurotic moggies in my time), but what we can learn from it is the pleasure of simply sitting and observing the world around you. Cats are relaxed; they do not feel the human pressure to always be on the move.

4 Those Who do the Talking Often Know Nothing

We´ve all met those self-appointed experts, haven´t we. The people who think they know it all. God, aren´t they irritating. And so frequently wrong …

shakti is apt for me .but then there is #6....

5 Why Spend Your Life Worried about the Future? You´ll See It when It Gets Here

Now, there is some sense in planning for your future. However, too many of us fret about things that haven´t happened and may never happen. It´s a waste of energy getting stressed about it!

6 Try to Be like a Child, Knowing Nothing except What You Hear, See, Smell and Feel

Kids do have such a simple outlook on life, don´t they? They don´t worry about things the way that adults do. Kids appreciate the little things, laugh at something an adult will miss, and love simple pleasures.

7 Only You Can Change Your Life

And here we have it. A very simple truth. How often do we wish that someone would come along and rescue us? It doesn´t work that way. If you want to change something in your life, the impetus has to come from you.

8 Don’t Spend Your Life Wishing. Impatience is the Enemy of Tranquility

If only … What an annoying pair of words! Wishing gets you nowhere but frustrated, ACTION will achieve change. Plus, wanting things that you don´t have may not actually make you as happy as you expect.

What sayings do you love? Have you ever acted upon them?

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