8 Inspirational Sayings ...


8 Inspirational Sayings ...
8 Inspirational Sayings ...

I love inspirational sayings. Im not referring to those cheesy little books full of twee homespun wisdom, but lines that make you think. I’ve picked out some of my favourites from a Spanish book I own, and have translated them for you.

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In Order to Be Loved, You Must Give Love

It´s often said that you must love yourself before you are capable of loving others. That may be true, but what I like about this saying is that it looks at things from the other side. Love is a two-way street; we must give, in order to receive.


The Start of Something New Always Brings You the Hope of Something Great

So often we are afraid of change, and yet life brings many endings. A relationship breaks up, a job offer means moving away from friends and family, and we become stressed, depressed and uncertain. The trick is to see the opportunities; maybe the relationship stifled you, and now you can do what you want, or the new job means a great career move.


Watch Cats, They Are Capable of Sitting Looking for Ages; They Feel Neither Stress nor Panic

I had to get a cat quote in there, didn´t I! Now, this saying may not be strictly true (Ive met a few neurotic moggies in my time), but what we can learn from it is the pleasure of simply sitting and observing the world around you. Cats are relaxed; they do not feel the human pressure to always be on the move.


Those Who do the Talking Often Know Nothing

We´ve all met those self-appointed experts, haven´t we. The people who think they know it all. God, aren´t they irritating. And so frequently wrong …


Why Spend Your Life Worried about the Future? You´ll See It when It Gets Here

Now, there is some sense in planning for your future. However, too many of us fret about things that haven´t happened and may never happen. It´s a waste of energy getting stressed about it!


Try to Be like a Child, Knowing Nothing except What You Hear, See, Smell and Feel

Kids do have such a simple outlook on life, don´t they? They don´t worry about things the way that adults do. Kids appreciate the little things, laugh at something an adult will miss, and love simple pleasures.


Only You Can Change Your Life

And here we have it. A very simple truth. How often do we wish that someone would come along and rescue us? It doesn´t work that way. If you want to change something in your life, the impetus has to come from you.


Don’t Spend Your Life Wishing. Impatience is the Enemy of Tranquility

If only … What an annoying pair of words! Wishing gets you nowhere but frustrated, ACTION will achieve change. Plus, wanting things that you don´t have may not actually make you as happy as you expect.

What sayings do you love? Have you ever acted upon them?

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Thanks for these quotes. They help us stay on track.

#4 is apt for me .but then there is #6.

Love all of these especially #5 and #6!

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