5 Gray to Lift up Your Day...

By Meream

1 Ruffly and Gray

Look at pretty Diya in this ruffly gray blouse. I love how she paired it with the purple skirt. I just bought shoes in purple and I have been scratching my head what to wear with them. This outfit gives me inspirations.

2 Cozy and Gray

Take a look at item number 7. Enough to keep you warm but it still looks so chic, doesn't it? I have something similar and it has accompanied me in many recent outings.

3 Cool and Gray

Ever considered following a gray palette for your house? That may sound dull but with the right accents, you might just end up with an inviting place.

4 Floral and Gray

Courtesy of Forever21 and looking so cute! Check out the third item on the link. I am thinking that it will be perfect with a plain white tank top. And my purple shoes?

5 Leather and Gray

Check out this gray belt worn by E. Who knew the color will look great with taupe? The girls are doing a fun week of mixing neutrals so head on over to Academichic.

Top Photo Credit: Andross

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