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5 Things to Make You Laugh Today ...

By Meream

1 Lindsay Tells You to Stay Away from Drugs

There definitely is something ridiculously strange about getting drug advice from the La Lohan. What's even funnier is that this "advice" was a retweetof what Samantha Ronson said.

2 Another Day, Another Brangelina Rumor

This time, it's about the actress asking Brad to move out because of his excessive Tequila drinking. Seriously, these tabloids gotta stop.

3 Would You Rather

Accidentally sex text your dad or do the walk of shame past your professor? Either of the situations sounds hilarious, really.


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4 Paul is Excited

Check this post for an old photo of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and some ladies. It's making me giggle thinking what was going on in Paul's mind.

5 Spencer Pratt is Not Happy with the Jersey Shore Kids

Poor Spencer. Now that MTV has found another douche in The Situation, he's been feeling a little left out. The ticking of his nearly over 15 minutes must be getting louder and louder.
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