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Do you know the secret language of greeting? Yes, there are signs we can look for when saying hello! Is the person really glad to see you? Are you really happy you bumped into this person while shopping today> Keep reading to find out what your (or her) body language is REALLY saying!

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The Cold Shoulder

The Cold Shoulder Photo Credit: * Ana.Guerrero *

When you approach your friend while she is sitting, the proper reaction from her should be to stand and greet you, or at least turn her body to face you. If she refuses to turn in your direction, you can take this as the cold shoulder. She doesn’t really want this conversation, or your company.


The Squared Shoulder

The Squared Shoulder Photo Credit: Ren (photo)

A raised chin and laid-back shoulders is a sign of doubt or astonishment. Are you absolutely amazed she would have the nerve to say what she just said? Watch your shoulders automatically shift back. Your chin will probably rise up too!


Eye Level Looks

Eye Level Looks Photo Credit: lightsmile

Another tell-tell sign your friend would rather you walk on? Not raising her head and eyes up to your direction. Keeping her chin ducked down is like saying she is preparing or a head on confrontation. Avoid the fight and exit quickly!


Crossed Legs

Crossed Legs Photo Credit: sosij

If you have passed a friend in the street and she stopped to say hello, look at her feet. Are the crossed? If so, she may be telling you she is in a hurry to keep moving on. The crossed feet are a sign of “I am ready to walk away!”


Hand Signs

Hand Signs Photo Credit: isayx3

Generally speaking, a person who is in the middle of a confrontation will keep their hands in a palm down position. This is saying she wants to push you away. But if the hands are positioning the palms in an upward position, you are saying you want the company and are pulling them towards you.


Reaching and Touching

Reaching and Touching Photo Credit: whoaitsaimz

A sign that you really and truly are happy to see your friend will be evident in reaching out to her. Your palm will be facing up and you’ll go as far as to touch her shoulder or arm, maybe even go for a quick hug. This is definitely an indication of true happiness.


A Neck Gesture

A Neck Gesture Photo Credit: mamarosa

Leaning your neck to side is also a sign of happy greetings. It’s like you are literally sticking your neck out for your friend. There is a real connection when your heads are tilting towards each other.

How do you greet your friend.? Have you seen any of these body signals?

Top 7 Secret Body Languages Photo Credit: chigmaroff

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