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9 Things That Puzzle Me ...

By Alison

Life is full of mysteries. There are some things that I find it hard to explain …


Why do I have 3 toothbrushes when I live alone?

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Why do they call it World War I and World War II, when most of the world had the sense to stay out of it?


If the bus is due in 5 minutes, you think that’s no time at all to wait. So why is it that waiting 5 minutes for a metro seems like forever?

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Why does there have to be one weird neighbor in every apartment building?

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Do I have ‘weirdo magnet’ written in invisible ink on my forehead? This could explain why the nutter on the bus/in the park always sits next to me.


Why are cinemas incapable of getting the air-conditioning/heating to a comfortable level?

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Why do people talk about the most personal issues on their mobiles in public, as if they are somehow protected from being overheard?


Why do people not realize that the only ones who make money from get-rich-quick schemes are those promoting them?

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What does a vegetarian do if they become a vampire?

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Are there any questions that you’ve pondered for ages? Any issues that you just can’t answer?

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