5 Things White and Beautiful...


5 Things White and Beautiful...
5 Things White and Beautiful...

Imagine clean white walls perfectly accented with coral, tangerine, and wood. You know what, don't imagine. Check out the link and tell me if this room is not perfect.

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White Skin

Pale white skin is gorgeous, too. If the prospect of losing your summer tan is scaring you, check out these photos for some white skin styling inspiration.


Sleepy and your facing showing it? Arm yourself with white eyeliner! This will certainly help you look less like you're about to doze off. The link shows other awesome tips to fake a good night's sleep so make sure to hop on over.


Betty White is all kinds of awesome. If you are looking for ways to love her even more, you can buy a Betty White comic book. Yes, a comic book with Betty White as the hero. Too cool.


They say that one should not wear white after Labor Day. Well ignore that rule because the white coats and sweaters featured by College Candy are too delicious not to wear. They will make you look chic (and warm) until the last day of winter.

So have you guys read any post lately that features anything white? Tell us by leaving a comment. We'd be happy to check them out.

Top Photo Credit: Haute Macabre

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What about Snow White and 7 Dwarfs? Just kidding but that is the first soothing thing pops up into my mind regarding "White".

Nothing like white t-shirts! ;) I do love sparkly white eyeliner--it's so flattering.

Omg how fabulous is that purple trench coat!


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